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  1. Thanks JohnY for recording the map
  2. Hey guys, I see that users are having problem with Debian 6.0. So I made a script that installs MTA server automatically. You just need: - A VPS or Dedicated Server - Putty - Internet connection - To be patient. IF YOU KNOW HOW TO CONNECT SERVER VIA PUTTY PASS THIS STEP!!! FIRST STEP First of all, open your vps via ssh, I use Putty for this. Link for putty: http://the.earth.li/~sgtatham/putty/latest/x86/putty.exe When you downloaded this, open it and Picture A When you click open, a screen appears and it writes: "login as:" you must login as "root" then its gonna ask you a password, you can find this in your e-mail. SECOND STEP when you login, type "wget ... -server.sh" without quotes it is gonna download a file called Mta-server.sh when its finished, type "chmod +x Mta-server.sh" without quotes then type: "./Mta-server.sh" without quotes and now its gonna ask you a few things like this: Picture B you will answer this with this word: "y" without quotes or when you meet this: Picture C you will press right arrow to select OK then press enter for twice after that, you are gonna meet a situation like in Picture B then you must answer that with "y" again ANDDD... You're ready, server must be opened already. Greetings, vMafia|Skull
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    plz help me!

    hey all i purchased a linux vps for 1 year but i cant open a server. Can anyone help me? http://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/Bui ... _GNU_Linux i did all of the things that link says but i get error al the time plz help me with teamviewer.
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