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  1. Map is free. You can find download link in video description on YouTube!Enjoy!
  2. Hello guys, here is my new map and yes, i am still alive) This is my 15th single map and i tried to make it interesting to play. So, enjoy! Map is free, you can see download link in the description of the video on YouTube. Big thanks to eXcY//^ for this awesome record. I would appreciate if you subscribe to his channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/wartekmusic If you enjoyed it, please leave a Like and Subscribe to my channel. Thanks
  3. Download link for this map in the video description! So it has been 3 years since my last map. This time i worked harder and longer on decoration so it wont look old. I hope i managed to complete this task. What about track? I think its interesting to drive at some parts, maybe you will even see something new. Please rate this video and subscribe to my YouTube channel. I am planning to create more maps in future. Map is free. Feel free to use is anywhere and send to anyone. Sincerely, BuDyA 2016
  4. Hey guys, Here is my new vol after long time without maps. Hope you like it but please notice that i was working harder on track than on deco. So if you dislike deco or you think its old - dont blame me, i like it how it is. Better tell me how track is. Also big thanks to Blackstar for recording this map. I would be really happy if you subscribe him: https://www.youtube.com/user/xKenny23 So please waste 3 mins of your life and tell me what u think) Also you can download this map. Link is under the video. I think its stupid to wait weeks to share maps. Please subscribe me. All the poor people will be rich then. Enjoy P.S. Ufos from the intro show in the end)
  5. Hey guys) Here is 2nd part of my old feat with Megan called Ukrainian Style. Hope you like it. Also thanks to Blackstar for this video. Subscribe him please: https://www.youtube.com/user/xKenny23
  6. Guys this map is free now! Check video description to see link for download. Also subscribe me pls
  7. Song is: Enter Shikari - Radiate
  8. Hey here) Here is my new map(finally). I tried to make entertaining track, so i hope you'll like it) BuDyA
  9. Thanks for comments guys)) If u wanna have this map - add me in skype:budya777
  10. Hey guys. Here is my new feat. This map was started ~ year ago, so maybe it will look a bit old style. Thanks to MegaDreams for this video. Subscribe him: https://www.youtube.c...ser/megadreams3 And me: https://www.youtube.com/user/budya777
  11. Hey guys! Here is my new map, hope you like it!
  12. Here is my 10th solo map! Hope you like it
  13. Hi, I wanna present my new map with my good friend CrazyGamer. Hope you will like our first feat. Comment and subscribe please
  14. Here is my new map! Enjoy!
  15. Hi, here is my 7th map! Enjoy! 720p is advised!
  16. I would like to present you my new map with Tulio! Enjoy and comment it please!
  17. Here is my newest map! Comment pls!
  18. OMFG, Bauss are u mad? You are 18 years old and the only thing u care is MTA world which is not real dude! When we cracked ToolBox and all parts like plasticgate ones were working, many guys said thanks. better programming:P
  19. BuDyA

    Mapping Toolbox!

    It is downloaded 520 Times! Suffer Bauss like we did from u!
  20. Really awesome mapping ToolBox! Everything works! Just make awesome maps guys! Download!!
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