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  1. Mozna walic w open source , ale trzeba sie z tym liczyc ze powstanie x serwerow na niedopracowanych skryptach, dlatego moze lepszym roziwazniem bedzie zamknieta grupa poki kod nie bedzie w miare optymalny.
  2. chetnie pomoge w rozwoju , mozesz mnie tez uwzglednic kontakt ze mną : [email protected] / gg 3263073
  3. Please, can you give me some example?
  4. Hey! I have problem with SQL. I cant get results from my DB (I know there is a record (i checkd this with num_rows(=1))) Here is my db schema: dbQuery(db,"CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS avatar(id INT,name TEXT,pass TEXT,food INT,games INT,health INT,energy INT,money INT,time INT)") and here is my problem: function avatarLogin(player,login,pass) local query = dbQuery(db,"SELECT * FROM `avatar` WHERE `name` = ?",login) local result, num_affected_rows, errmsg = dbPoll ( query, -1 ) for i,id in ipairs (result) do for column,val in ipairs (id) do server.log(val[column]) end end end but i dont get anything from this ( i just know that num_affected_rows = 1 so there is a record in db but i cant get retrieve it). Help me please or give me some tip!
  5. kuba90pl

    Gui widget

    Hey i wanted to know how to take gui static images by getElementsByType() function. i used getElementsByType("gui-image") and this doesnt work. Help!
  6. still doesnt show message while downloading files
  7. Hey! I wanted to make a message while downloading files in my server. Well i know i need to use onClientResourceStart , but i dont know which way i need to use it. i tried: function downloadingText() addEventHandler("onClienResourceStart",root,startText) addEvent("downloadingText",true) addEventHandler("downloadingText",root,downloadingText) function startText() addEventHandler("onClientRender",root,napisSciagnie) end function napisSciaganie() local x, y = guiGetScreenSize() dxDrawText ( "ASDASDADADSDASDADDDASDAD", 100,100,400,400, tocolor(255,255,255,255), 2, "default-small", "center","top",false,false,false ) end function join() triggerClientEvent(source,"downloadingText",source) end addEventHandler("onPlayerJoin",root,join) doesnt work. any tips?
  8. kuba90pl


    How to make gui without border? Just like without a whole window with title etc. Example: http://i47.tinypic.com/2dc8psm.jpg
  9. kuba90pl

    Mysql table

    Hey i got prob: my code: function stworzElementyDomu() local query = dbQuery( arp_db, "SELECT * FROM house") local result, numrows, errmsg = dbPoll ( query, -1 ) if numrows > 0 then for i,dom in ipairs (result) do createObject(1239,result[i][1],result[i][2],result[i][3]) outputChatBox("tworze") end end end addEventHandler("onResourceStart",root,stworzElementyDomu) its output error: createObject[expected number at argument @2 , got nil] my mysql syntax: i want to get ox,oy,oz and create there object for every house.Help please. edit. fixed already. close please this thread.
  10. kuba90pl

    How to..

    How to check that is some trailer atached to roadtrain , and get his modelid?
  11. its show in console "rejestracja etc" but in db still in "haslo" value is null
  12. help , this script return true but it doesnt change value in db (haslo) function zarejestrujGracza(nazwa,haslo,email) outputChatBox(nazwa) dbFree(dbQuery ( funbox_db, "UPDATE gracze SET haslo = ? WHERE nazwa = ? " , haslo, nazwa )) outputServerLog("Rejestracja: Gracz "..nazwa.." Haslo: "..haslo.." Email: "..email.."") end addEvent("zarejestrujGracza",true) addEventHandler("zarejestrujGracza",root,zarejestrujGracza)
  13. BIG BEER FOR YOU ! working , thanks!
  14. function zalogujGracza(nazwa,haslo) local dane=dbPoll(dbQuery( funbox_db, "SELECT * FROM gracze WHERE nazwa='"..nazwa.."'" ), -1) if dane then outputChatBox(tostring(dane.haslo)) end end i wanted to receive "haslo" value not serial , anyway i changed it and it still return nil
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