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  1. Introduction: Hello everyone, im here to announce the first DSR Tournament. This Tournament is played in MTA:SA, mode Race DM, is a 1 vs. 1 K.O. system. Tournament will starts 19/02/2013 (Feb, 19, 2013), and will be played in DSR Matches servers. The Tournament don't have any tax, and everyone can partecipate. How to register: It's easy to register to the Tournament, there are two ways, choice one: ​Register on the website and make a new topic with the compiled module. Send a mail to ([email protected]) and compile the module.​Module: CLICK!! PS: If you dont receiv mail for confirm your account in the forum, check antispam or try to register whit gmail. Rules: All Tournaments have their rules, here are our: 5 minute rule: Both opponents need to are in the server 5 minutes before the challenge starts. If the opponent crashes before the races starts, we wait 3 minutes the crashed player. If no one from the players reach hunter, player who has come the farthest wins the map (Auto-B system). Maps and date/time of matches will decided by players in the challenge topic. (All challenge topics will posted by organizers). Players have max. 2 days for decide date/time and play the war. If both players don't post any date/time, or don't decide the date/time, a organizer decide a date/time whitout notice. Any kind of shortcut/hack/cheat are not allowed. Any kind of discrimination/insult/racism are not allowed. Max ping allowed are 300. Both players have to choice two maps (one per player), both players need to send maps to organizers via skype or email. In case of draw, players challenge on a hunter map, the last alive player win. No "old school" maps. All matches will played on DSR Matches servers.Info: Registrations for the tournament close 17/02/2013 (Feb, 17, 2013) at 23:59 GMT+0. We only use GMT +0 for the Tournament. (GMT +0). All Matches and Reports topics will posted here. You can contact organizers via email, private message in forum and skype.Contacts: Samy: (Italian - English support) Email: [email protected] - Skype: fyfy_fyfy_96 Aron: (Dutch - English support) Skype: aron.de.jong Blizard: (German support) Skype: fireflyer1809 Prize: Every serious tournament have a serious prize, but in this tournament we can offer prize only to the winner. For first DSR Tournament we offer to the winner a CM Storm Recon with free shipping. Winner need to give adress to organizers for send the prize (Via email or skype). Winner of the prize is invited to make a unboxing for upload in DSR Youtube channel. Screens: http://www.cmstorm.com/images/products/31/image_284.jpg http://www.cmstorm.com/images/products/31/image_280.jpg http://www.cmstorm.com/images/products/31/image_281.jpg http://www.cmstorm.com/images/products/31/image_282.jpg http://www.cmstorm.com/images/products/31/image_283.jpg Some mouse infos: The Recon Gaming Mice is designed specifically for gamers that demand the utmost in durability, functionality and accuracy. The ambidextrous form factor and rubberized coating making it a versatile for all types of grip gestures. Recon equipped with a pair of Omron Micro switches and Avago 3090 high precision optical sensor, allowing users to switch choice of 800, 1600, 3200, 4000 dpi on-the-fly as well as integrating 5 profiles and 36 macros to personalize the mouse at your own preference. Video: Partecipants: -Can see in DSR Website. Special Thanks: PS: TOPIC CAN CHANGE, YOU CAN SEE ALL CHANGES IN DSR WEBSITE.
  2. Samy_Romafia

    Server crash

    Elooo. My server sometimes, once per day, crash. In the server.log don't are any error. You guys know a script where i can see all errors or bugs why my server crash? The server crash when a new map start.
  3. I appreciate your help, but I need again to contradict u. I tried to open torrent and to go up to 1000 ping but, no way, load too fast again, we have some players from iceland (out vps is in frace), but it's the same problem, i think is a server setting, i think mta have a command to check or don't check the pickups, and if check, load the vehicle after second/ping, and if don't check load when the player touch the pickup change the car. Sorry for bad eng.
  4. A lot off maps have this bug, around 50, i can't lost my time whit changing pickups, i prefer to fix it.
  5. Anyone can how to fix? I need to fix it couz i have clanwars and we can't play whit this problems.
  6. It's not a map problem couz in a lot of maps i have this problem, i think a server couz im not only to have this problem, but all players have this problem. The video: http://youtu.be/aPCBd7Gu8gs
  7. I have a problem in my mta. I don't know if is a client or server problem, but not only me have this problem. I im play in my MTA DM Race server and the server load too fast the pickups like car changer, and a lot of times the car block in the object. If u guys don't understand i make a video. Sorry for bad eng.
  8. I have a problem in mta server, is installed on my vps debian. I don't know if is a client or server problem, but not only me have this problem. I have a MTA DM Race server and the server load too fast the pickups like car changer, and a lot of times the car block in the object. If u guys don't understand i make a video. Sorry for bad eng.
  9. Sorry for the lag, render problem. If someone know how to fix please tell me Map: [DM].::TonyX -_ Vol.2 _ My Style _- (If you want this map subscribe to the channel and send a private message to DSR Cinema!)
  10. If someone have "talet" for scripting in MTA and need some money, i think this is an good opportunity for him.
  11. I lost my files from my server, and now i search a scripter for made another. I need a script for Race Server. (Stats tt panel etc...) I need a unique script, not a copied script. I search a good/whit experience scripter. I can pay 30 dollar, but if the script is "awesome" , i pay 40. Contacts. Skype: fyfy_fyfy_96 or lemonits1994 Mail: [email protected]
  12. How can i update the server version on linux?
  13. Hey guys, I decide to make a MTA DM montage couz i don't see in youtube anyone. I chose this song couz is awesome, i hear it in a CoD video, and i love it, sorry for low/little edit but i think if i edit soo mutch the video ruined the song and the video. Next time will choose a song that you like and i try to make an awesome edit . I spend a lot of time and effort for do this, and if you want to rate/share/subscribe/comment/criticize you're welcome . Special thanks to Necro for the CC, Yur1, helping me whit img and to Tulio which allowed me to use her clips and to you to watching this video . If you have any criticism to video, please tell to me and i try to do better next time. Bye.
  14. Map: [DM].::TonyX -_ Vol.1 _ A New Day _- Song: Game Over by X Sentinel & Girlstep If you want drop a like in the video and a comment Subscribe to: DSR Cinema
  15. I don't know why the server create a folder and dublicate it. If someone know the problem please help me:
  16. Isn't this the problem, if i take refresh in the console all are done, but don't load some maps. The caracter are all right.
  17. I have all maps in race/maps
  18. Some times my racing server don't load 30/200 maps, the maps don't have any problem, but some time it don't load, what is the problem?
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