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  1. Can you convert this: http://rapidshare.com/files/145151636/Map.rar.html to .map file format? it would be beautiful! THX in advance!
  2. ok can you contact me when it's realeased?
  3. hi! i'm searching for the map editor resource in mta sa dm! know anyone a url for download? thanks in advance! sry for my english!
  4. Hi i'm the -GFA- Clan Admin and we havent any members! I search for friends in MTA, then we can play in my server! Join us: http://www.gfaclanforum.phpbb8.de/ Who wants to play with me?
  5. I have found the problem! the server name was to large! Now i can see the Server in the browser list!
  6. I want to create maps in MTA:Race and in MTA:DM i want to play! Is there a solution?
  7. That works! but i want to find my server in the browser list too! sorry for my bad english!
  8. I have created a own server for MTA:SA DM, and i can't fint it in the server browser list! But i can connect to the server! I need HELP!
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