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  1. It currently has the burn function to be honest, I dont know if you tried it yet? I havent added the music though, I was not sure if that would be cool these day's.. Eitherhow I will still be working on inventory and administration panel first, I want to make the settings dynamic ( settings such as, Clan Tag, item's list that store's can sell etc. ) This will be alot of work, but i'll get there :3
  2. Thank you! I have started work on the inventory as I am not recieving any bug reports so far. Its going good and release will be soon enough I hope.
  3. EDIT: Just uploaded the 1.2.0 version with moderator panel included and /deluser command to delete users from your database. Also you can change more var's in cfg/cfg.lua and the languages files, to change it to your own language. You can once again re-use your users.db file, there are no changes made in database files. Any bugs etc, please post them as I want to improve this system! Also what I forgot to mention, add this resource to your Admin ACL because it needs restart resource rights:
  4. You have to add yourself trough console, or as a logged in administrator ingame. Then you do this: /adduser pekio123 4 This will add you as an Admin is the usersystem. Also make sure the resource is actually started. I have just uploaded a newer version onto the community, it does not contain any new features but bugs are removed, speeds are improved and code is cleaned widely. Download: https://community.multitheftauto.com/ind ... ls&id=6208 You do not have to delete your users.db file in this case, as there are no DB changes, you can just move your users.db out of your users resource, upload the newer resource and put the users.db back into the resource.
  5. Thanks for your report, even though you arent using. I nearly finished another new release wich contains alot of bug fixes and speed improvements aswell. Im not quite sure how to solve the animation bug, but its not that big off a deal because the window resets its position after 1.2 second when you close it.
  6. First release is here! You will still have to keep in mind that this is a DEV build, and might not be stable yet. I hope you guys can provide me any errors that come along with it. Download Instalation instructions: 1. Extract the ZIP file 2. Move users folder to your resources folder, advised is to move it into [managers] 3. Edit cfg.lua in de cfg folder to your likes 4. /refresh, and /start users in console 5. Either Admins, or Console can add users for now. ( Deleting has not been done yet. ) 6. Add user with an administrator account or by console with: /adduser NameUser RankNumber Rank numbers: 4: Administrator 3: Moderator 2: Member 1: Registered Usage: Added members in your system can press F4 to open te userpanel. Not all configuration options have been finalized, nor have the language files yet been done! My next release will be more configurable.
  7. - Introduction Welcome to my topic off 'Usersystem' This resource is a remake off my previous resource, wich you can view here. The only diffrence is, that I rewrote the whole system and made it more userfriendly. - So what is it? Its a complete usersystem wich you can use to add clan members, for RPG purposes or gang wars. My outgoing base with this plugin is to make everything GUI based, not with outPutChatBox. This system works with SQL, this means that you do not have to do anything complicated to install this plugin. You just shove the folder in your resources folder, and /refresh and /start users What the plugin does then is, create a DB file wich is named: users.db wich contains all the data. ( So no installing MySQL/PHPMyadmin is required, like my last resource. ) - What does this usersystem contain? - Name tags (Example: [Admin] Cannonball: Hello! , and this could be any color you want ) - Ranks ( You can add yourself aswell, 4: Admin | 3: Moderator | 2: Member | 1: Registered ) - User panel, wich can: - Save user skin - Edit user skin - Change username ( If allowed, you can change in cfg.lua ) - PM panel, wich can: - View messages - Send messages - Delete messages - Moderator panel, wich can: - Moderator panel, wich can: - Kick users - Freeze users - Mute users - Eject users - Spectate users - Bomb users - Zap users And many more. This list is currently small, it will be containing the features that my previous plugin had. - Note Since my previous resource, I gained alot of expierence with coding resources. Sincerly my programming style has improved ALOT. The plugin im showing here is not programmed in a complex way, I tried to maintain a simple way. The result is that the code is a bit longer than it could be. My outcome is that, young scripters could see that making resources, CAN be easy, and CAN be fun to do so. - Changelog Please keep this part in a close view, I will post any updates here about the resource. 1.2.0 - Updates + Moderator panel Once again contains bugfixes, and most important: a moderator panel! Also added /deluser command to delete users. Download 1.1.0 - DEV 2 release Contains bugfixes provided by users and myself, speed improvements and code cleaning Download 1.0 - DEV release Contains the first preview off the resource its capability's Download - Planned features - Inventory Be able to actually carry items around with you that you buy in the stores! You can drop items, so other players can pick it up. Or sell them in the store. You can even enable a mapeditor so users can buy items, and place them IN the map! - Current severe bugs - None
  8. Ah yes offcourse, we're drifting off subject hehe. Anyhow, could you close this topic as I want to start a clean topic one?
  9. Its dutch so I don't think you'd understand it =P Oh yeah offcourse I remember TomDrum, been awhile mate! How've you been then? You have your own server now? :3
  10. Nah, ive been dev testing/buiding on a local server for now, it works fine for the purpose it has. I can easely host a minecraft server though since I started my own servercompany. This is just to fill the 'free' hours :3 ( I could remember getting lotsa PM's about this plugin about people REALLY wanting this plugin to work. But they had so much trouble setting up a mysql server. So I figured, why not remake it with SQL? )
  11. Well, the only reason that I used MySQL is because I used it for website purposes aswell. Sincerly I noticed, that people find setting up database's so much off a hassle that I want to reprogram it to SQL now. I have already started on a brandnew version wich im making on SQL. I can't exactly tell when this would be finished, but I hope soon enough.
  12. Thank you. The diffrence now is, my programming skills have improved alot more. Also, I would not be using MySQL anymore, just SQL. So you only have to put the resource in the folder -> Done you are. This is giving me some more motivation
  13. Yea that could be an option. For now, I was planning on rewriting it on SQL wich is far more compatible for most people here. As you can see they previously had alot off problems setting up a MySQL server and all that. I have rewritten a small part now, it works absolutely great but I just need more people that want this plugin back again.
  14. I have already started work on a version without MySQL, but with SQLLite databases. Sincerly you don't have to install any other programs to run this plugin. Only thing holding me back is that I wont be writing this plugin for only 2 people, haha.
  15. Since im thinking of doing a remake off this plugin, without MySQL but with SQL now I was wondering, how many people would want this system back? Sincerly I would make it lotsa better offcourse. Gimme a shout and ill give it a go if theres enough people that want it
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