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  1. weird =/ it doesnt work for me
  2. triggetClientEvent() only works if its triggered by a command, or either another event. it cannot work if its triggered by another function. here is an example function one() triggerClientEvent(all the necessary arguments) end function two() one() end addCommandHandler("one", two) as you see. there is two functions. the triggerEvent in function one cannot work if the function one() is used in another function. It will still return true, but it will not actually trigger the event clientside. Im not sure about triggerServerEvent() if it also has the same details. ..Sorry if you cannot understand that
  3. oh sorry... ive only tested it on irc.gtanet.com
  4. These are not in game commands... You use them from an irc channel, because its an irc module attachment... that works with VRocker's Module. the commands start with !
  5. what do you mean by the standard prefix? This is just an improved version of the original one. The bug that when people join the channel after the bot is already there, they arent registered as a +h or whatever is now fixed
  6. Hello guys This is an advanced Echo Script that runs with VRockers Echo Module This has been created by pdescobar and [Griffin] * Note: Only tested on irc.gtanet.com Features: * No need to cycle the channel to restore channel privilages! Heres what it can do IRC Commands Privilages: Everyone: * !nplayers - returns the number of players connected * !players - returns all the current connected players * !msg - messages the server +v or higher * !getid - returns the id of the seach (players) * !getname - returns the name of the given id * !pm - sends the given player a personal message +h or higher * !kick - kicks the specified player * !ban - bans the specified player (IP Ban) * !banip - bans the specified IP * !banserial - bans the specified player via Serial Number * !unban - unbans a given IP * !unbanserial - unbans a given serial * !admin - sends a message to all ingame admins/mods (you will have to customize this to your liking) * @ - same as !admin but shorter * !say - lets everyone know that an admin is speaking +q * !raw - (first command) * join <#channel> - joins a given #channel * part <#channel> - parts a given #channel * echo <#channel> - sends a message to the given #channel * start - starts a resource * stop - stops a resource Some other stuff: * Automatically stores all irc users in a table. (no need to cycle the channel) Download: http://www.weboverload.net/files/irc_1.0.zip Have Fun! And if you find any bugs please report them
  7. when are you going to supply the ircConnection in the call backs? this would be great for having multiple bots and a side note.... releasing the source would be greatly appreciated also , more however for people to customize to their own needs.
  8. hmm no i havent. but i was using this script as a way of getting to know xml. and i need to know whats going wrong.
  9. Hi, i was expirimenting with nodes with this /bank command. i want it to save the amount of money to a node with xmlNodeSetAttribute but cant seem to get it working to look like this in the playname.xml function createBankAccount ( player, commandName ) cash = getPlayerMoney ( player ) -- playname = xmlLoadFile("playname.xml") info = xmlCreateFile ( "playname.xml", "info" ) -- create the file "playname.xml" which looks like "<info/>" xmlCreateSubNode ( info, "user" ) -- add a subnode <bank>, now we got "<info><user/></info>" local banknode = xmlFindSubNode(playname, "user", 0) xmlNodeSetAttribute(banknode, "bank", tostring(cash)) --xmlNodeSetValue ( bank, tostring( cash ) ) -- change the value, "<info><bank>0</bank></info>" --do not use xmlSaveFile ( info ) -- save the file xmlUnloadFile( info ) -- unload it after use outputChatBox ("Banking...") end addCommandHandler ("bank", createBankAccount ) Please help
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