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  1. Dear Cromiell, I think we should clear things up. Firstly, ramming/crashing is a part of every racing games have ever published. You can easily smash your car in every racing games if you are not careful enough and it's not depending on the maps or the makers. Secondly, I don't think I have ever used any invisible objects and I don't know what are you meaning on that picture. If you mean that board in front of the spawnpoints that is just a scenery.I only make maps to MgC, DrUG and SiK servers and I don't really know what "AdrenalineX" actually is. As you mentioned you think that my maps are murderous guns to servers and ppl get scared because of my maps. Just hop on our server if you have some time and check out how busy it is recently. I don't think ppl freaking out because of my maps. Finally, I don't think I made too many of reversed maps and to get back ramming, ramming at spawnpoints with so many people is obvious in every single race (In MgC, SiK and DRuG servers, collisions are off until reaching the 4th or 5th checkpoint). I appreciate your honest and I feel no anger about your comment.
  2. Some new one... Late Xmas present: A map package I made in 2010 late December. This time it's really a late xmas present! (containing 19 maps) First in 2011 and Challenger Challenge: Both of them made a few weeks ago. The first one is a one lap race around san fierro with sultan and turismo the other one is with Buffalo in LV starting from the bike school to the airport with a little detour, some ramps included in both. https://skydrive.live.com/?cid=6D23E43D ... =documents Please search for: late xmas present, First in 2011, Challenger Challenge.
  3. New maps. Loco Race, Loco Sprint and Ipswitch... Loco Race: Custom raceway with turismo, 2laps. Loco Sprint: Cheeky sprint with super gt on sand, less than a minute. Ipswitch: a stock one, 3 laps with buffalo, bullet and infernus... located in lv. links: http://cid-6d23e43d63688fa0.office.live ... 20Race.zip http://cid-6d23e43d63688fa0.office.live ... Sprint.zip http://cid-6d23e43d63688fa0.office.live ... switch.zip Screenshots coming soon...
  4. New mapz! foshizzlers way 1 2 and 3... 1: a race from LS to SF... starting with turismo then a switch to buffalo at the country and the finish at sf china town... 2: from sf to lv... starting where the first one finished and with bullet then a switch to banshee at the desert and the finish at the lv airport... 3: from lv to ls... starting from lv airport with cheetah a switch to comet and the finish at ls grove... Have fun! 1: http://cid-6d23e43d63688fa0.office.live ... %20way.zip 2: http://cid-6d23e43d63688fa0.office.live ... ay%202.zip 3: http://cid-6d23e43d63688fa0.office.live ... ay%203.zip
  5. A new custom track. Waves: Just the simple road with some towers, trees etc. Vehicle is Infernus, Length: 3 mins / 2 laps. http://cid-6d23e43d63688fa0.office.live ... /waves.zip No screenshots yet.
  6. Meh, new stock shit! The Plug: Simple route but fast and nice around LS + no chance to repair! Vehicle is Elegy. http://cid-6d23e43d63688fa0.office.live ... E_plug.zip Plus: Fast race in the desert with 3 fast cars, Infernus, Comet and Bullet it's longer, 3 mins. http://cid-6d23e43d63688fa0.office.live ... s/plus.zip Minus: Short but crazy race with Sultan in LV, finish at the top of the car park with a funky jump onto the pyramid. http://cid-6d23e43d63688fa0.office.live ... /minus.zip Minus v2: Longer version with Turismo. http://cid-6d23e43d63688fa0.office.live ... %5E_v2.zip Have fun!
  7. Indeed, stealing maps is not good!
  8. A custom + a stock: The Dust: 2 lap race with Infernus on a dusty ground.http://cid-6d23e43d63688fa0.office.live ... E_dust.zip Muscles 3: Now in LV, Starting with Buffalo then Phoenix.http://cid-6d23e43d63688fa0.office.live ... s%5E_3.zip
  9. New cusom map! Toxin: 3 lap race with Infernus, 2:40 mins long. http://cid-6d23e43d63688fa0.office.live ... /toxin.zip This was the last map I sent alone, I promise!
  10. New maps! StPeters Park: Short race with Blista on a custom raceway, 2laps. StPeters Park Reloaded: The same map but on another route and with Flash, now 3 laps.
  11. 8 tracks ? I'm also not an "8 track" addict. I only have two 8 tracks anyways... Btw... A new stock... Floating Islands 3: Now in LV. Starting with Flash then Tampa and Slamvan and finally the finish with Turismo at the Airport. Have fun! http://cid-6d23e43d63688fa0.office.live ... ds%203.zip
  12. New maps! All custom... Blue Lake: 3 lap race with Hotring Racer. http://cid-6d23e43d63688fa0.office.live ... E_lake.zip Yellow Mountain: 3 laps with Infernus. http://cid-6d23e43d63688fa0.office.live ... untain.zip Niatnuom Wolley: Reversed with Turismo, 2 laps. http://cid-6d23e43d63688fa0.office.live ... wolley.zip Screens: Blue_Lake: Yellow_Mountain:
  13. Anyway, the imageshack is better, you were right! Just some screenshots of Blackwood just for the tests:
  14. dont know why, some ppl (generally: race mappers) thinks thats MTA:Race's map editor is easier for them. Dunno why, but whatever Answer: MTA:Race's map editor is especially for race maps, i kno it's buggy but i'm making maps with it for a while and it won't be change
  15. Oh yea! A "today" custom map! Blackwood: 3 lap race with hotring racer. http://cid-6d23e43d63688fa0.office.live ... ckwood.zip Screens: http://cid-6d23e43d63688fa0.photos.live ... en0058.jpg http://cid-6d23e43d63688fa0.photos.live ... en0048.jpg http://cid-6d23e43d63688fa0.photos.live ... en0050.jpg http://cid-6d23e43d63688fa0.photos.live ... en0055.jpg http://cid-6d23e43d63688fa0.photos.live ... en0056.jpg
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