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  1. All done http://upload.mtasa.com/u/667454520/spu ... ivate.zip_
  2. Nothing happened, problem still there.
  3. Could not install the intel graphics driver, says i must obain it from my computer manufacturer and Asus program says i already have the latest. And just to be sure then im stuck at this screen: I also have little ingame mouse middle there at the first second, imo it should come later It works fine with 1.3.4, but if i update it to 1.3.5 and restart then it happens. Anyway pastebin link: http://pastebin.mtasa.com/810770488
  4. http://pastebin.mtasa.com/718595928 Happened overnight. Tryed to reinstall the MTA, runs fine till i restart it.
  5. SpUnKyMe

    TCT: FlowEditor

    Waoh, finally something stunningly new to MTA. Reminds me garrymod wiremod a bit, awesome job!
  6. Top times for MTA Race deathmatch servers which is synced with other servers using the same resource. Includes: Top 10 (F5 to toggle) Shows local player top if he has some. Recording player name, serial, country, date recorded and of course, time he made with some comments. Starting First of all you will have to setup the meta file for first use, open meta.xml There should be following: <setting name="@tag" value=""></setting> <setting name="@colour" value=""></setting> Edit it for your needs, tag must be between 2-4 chars and colour in HEX ( red = #ff0000, green = #00ff00 ) Perfect example: <setting name="@tag" value="PIXU"></setting> <setting name="@colour" value="#00ffff"></setting> After this you can start resource and follow onscreen(console) instructions. Warning: If you are testing it, make sure you dont add your main server tag because tags can be used only once. Warning: There is only one register allowed per server IP (doesnt include hostings). Possible errors Server Please check meta.xml for more info, i cant start it like this. Fix: Your tag or server colour is not acceptable, edit meta.xml Server colour is not right, it must be hex! Fix: Color must be in hex (like #ff0000 is red) It is not colour you have written there, fix it. Fix: Color must be in hex (like #ff0000 is red) Server tag is too weak, min is 2 char. Fix: Use longer tag for your server, like PIXU or PIX or PI Server tag is too long, max is 4 char. Fix: Use shorter tag for your server, like PIXU or PIX or PI It is impossible for server to connect pixusystem. Fix: Our system is down There is something wrong with server IP. Fix: Make sure your server is visible for everyone. Couldn´t update the resource, do it manually @ [url=http://www.pixel-universe.com]http://www.pixel-universe.com[/url] Fix: Probably you have edited the resource for your own needs, dont. Resource is being blocked by the pixu server, cant use this resource Fix: Server IP is banned, records are deleted. No fix. Auto-register is disabled, send your application @ pixel-universe.com Fix: We dont allow new servers to our system because it is full or growing too fast. No can do, there is setup error somewhere, restart the resource. Fix: Restart the resource and follow onscreen instructions(console). Could not update toptime, client mismatch? Fix: Something illogical, maybe someone has same serial or stuff like that. Player Got hunter but it doesnt show position? Time must be between 15 seconds to 30 minutes. Else the error is in server. Changed nick, didnt update on tops. Wait for the map to restart, usually nicks are updated only when the map is loading. Cant see anything on F5 ! Wait for new map to load, resource was probably restarted during the round. Rules for servers No abusing in any way, just no. Servers with buy repair/nos/flip are not welcome. Terms of use We can delete, edit or do whatever we want with recorded tops. If there is data loss or rollback, dont blame us. Using this resource i agree not to break any rule listed above. Maps shorter than 15 seconds wount be recorded. What is ban? Getting banned in this resource means all your tops will be ereased and the server ip will be blocked. If someone keeps abusing in his local server with dynamic ip, we use ip range ban. Download RESOURCE NEEDS ADMINISTRATOR RIGHTS https://community.multitheftauto.com/ind ... ls&id=6248
  7. It is optional argument, you don't have to use it unless you want to draw it over GUI elements.
  8. https://forum.multitheftauto.com/viewtop ... 4b#p507049
  9. should be md5(md5($salt) . md5($password)) edit: Also found one awesome tutorial viewtopic.php?f=148&t=47889&p=474275&hilit=php+sdk#p474275
  10. This one will end the map if last player has already hunter -- Update ranking board if one player left local activePlayers = getActivePlayers() if #activePlayers == 1 then self.rankingBoard:add(activePlayers[1], timePassed) showMessage(getPlayerName(activePlayers[1]) .. ' is the final survivor!', 0, 255, 0) triggerEvent( "onPlayerWinDD",activePlayers[1] ) if (getElementModel(getPedOccupiedVehicle(activePlayers[1])) == 425) then RaceMode.endMap() end end And this one will end the map when last player gets hunter (add it end of the file) addEventHandler("onElementModelChange",root, function(old,new) if (getElementType(source) == "vehicle") then if #activePlayers <= 1 then if (new == 425) then RaceMode.endMap() end end end end)
  11. addEventHandler('onClientGUIClick', root, function() if source == GUIEditor_Button[21] then if guiGetText ( GUIEditor_Button[21] ) ~= "français" then local i = 1 while i ~= 20 do guiSetText(GUIEditor_Button[i],"Ecrivez ici") i = i + 1 end elseif guiGetText ( GUIEditor_Button[22] ) ~= "Deutsch" then local i = 1 while i ~= 19 do guiSetText(GUIEditor_Button[i],"Was ist hier erforderlich") i = i + 1 end end end end) a bit late
  12. Mkay, open up race/modes/destructionderby.lua find in function DestructionDerby:onPlayerWasted(player) if getActivePlayerCount() <= 1 then replace it with if getActivePlayerCount() <= 0 then So it should look like this function DestructionDerby:onPlayerWasted(player) if isActivePlayer(player) then self:handleFinishActivePlayer(player) if getActivePlayerCount() <= 0 then RaceMode.endMap() else TimerManager.createTimerFor("map",player):setTimer(clientCall, 2000, 1, player, 'Spectate.start', 'auto') end end RaceMode.setPlayerIsFinished(player) showBlipsAttachedTo(player, false) end About this hunter thingy you could check if player is the only one playing and as soon as he gets hunter simply kill him and map will end.
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