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  1. riiight... i have no idea what you just said but i agree. anyway i refuse to get windows vista because its a complete rip-off from apple viva la mac!
  2. actually i take that back. sure its easyer to download a map pack instead of downloading maps from the map centre 1 at a time, but many of the maps in your map pack are doubled, some of them arent even DD-s like you said and the rest of them suck. I'd say there are only about 70 (probably even less) good maps in that map pack
  3. 441 dd maps, NICE! some of them are pretty crappy but mostly good job and thanks! /me finally got some wankenstein maps, woohoo
  4. it might be a little off topic but maybe some1 can still help. i downloaded fraps, installed it, opened it etc. then i started mta and started filming. everything was fine and later when i quit the game and wanted to view my video, the video turned out to be blank. it only recorded the sound, with out the picture
  5. there should also be letters like õ ä ö and ü
  6. WeWantFun

    which continent?

    Europe (or euro-europe or what ever) - Estonia - Tallinn
  7. already tried that and didnt get any results. any good results that is
  8. Where can i get Wankenstein DD maps? there's only 1 on the map centre I dont want to start an another 100% wankenstein server or anything, i just want them because they are so cool and i need great DD maps
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