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  1. goood question i want to know that too
  2. *updated* Updated Version but still some bugs in the .so on 10 start ircecho the server crashed 9 times
  3. nice mode i just need more players to play it on my mainserver there are 0 players on my hayserver 22
  4. the linux crahses my sever i will give it a friend to debug
  5. linux <3 i will test it later and call you if there are probs
  6. can i have the votemap part now?^^ i need it for my script //i will add your names then^^ do it publich or pm me Hardi ps good luck for the hole script and send greetzys to ud pussy
  7. first ty all for your help but the cmds from irc to sever dont work
  8. hey all can anybody say or make me a kind of postbox? for example !comment map 2 has in erorr it should be a comamnd to report anything eg for the headadmins
  9. we didnt download OUR maps we(our member or user/ create them and they arent downloaded on the cnr server most are created by neos on the dm and race server some are downloaded
  10. NeO_Hardi


    ^^ yeah the seariching..^. forgot it but ty for the link if somebody knows a german site plz post
  11. NeO_Hardi


    does anybody know a tutorial for mta sa ma sripting???? in english or better german Hardi
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