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  1. I wrote this moment, but i want to upload files in scriptdir by mirc,how i can do this?
  2. One little moment!!! When mirc connect and disconnect, scripts dont reloaded...(i need to reload script when i upload script file on server where this mirc/)//
  3. For example: On some channel i type from my mirc to mirc(where we have remote admin) command.... (to reload scripts on mirc.), he reload this scripts..
  4. Help me please write a script. script must give remote access to mirC, so he must reload scripts on distance a so on...maybe you can write this script when i type this commands from my mirc(on my computer) to mirc(remote admin) on some channel to reload scripts....And if you can write, type please script to upload files on this computer(mirc remote admin) server by my mirc...
  5. so.will you write this fu**ing part for me?? plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz......
  6. for your example: rank.ini - file where mirc write winner. bet.ini - file where mirc write players who bet. i think it can help ! )))
  7. ok.you cant find error , but you can write your example!i need just one little part when player finish and if other player bet on winner ,this "other player" take money (just write this moment!plz)
  8. this is alias and Mta.finish from my mta gus file
  9. so maybe you can write correct part of script where. if nick from one .ini were = nick from other .ini who can write this line??? this part must be in on *:SIGNAL:mta.finish: ?
  10. Mirc write wrong parameters $readini but whats wron??? i put this line in command to test line,command work!maybe in finish $read ini dont work?
  11. i think i know where error !error in this code: $readini($scriptdir $+ bet.ini,PLAYERS,$mta.nick($1,%a)) == $readini($scriptdir $+ rank.ini,rank1,$mta.rank($1,$2)) becose $readini($scriptdir $+ bet.ini,PLAYERS,$mta.nick($1,%a)) - nick of player!(it not number) and $readini($scriptdir $+ rank.ini,rank1,$mta.rank($1,$2)) - it nick of winner maybe error in this?
  12. it just a part of script .this part must work when race finish.this part must give money to player if he bet on winner. look and find error plz! elseif ($readini($scriptdir $+ bet.ini,PLAYERS,$mta.nick($1,%a)) = $readini($scriptdir $+ rank.ini,rank1,$mta.rank($1,$2))) { !.timer 1 2 !writeini -n " $+ $scriptdir $+ RPG.ini" CASH $readini($scriptdir $+ bet.ini,OVPLAYERS,$mta.nick($1,$2) $gus.add($gus.cash($1,%a),100) !.timer 1 2 !remini -n " $+ $scriptdir $+ Rank.ini" RANK1 $mta.rank($1,$2)) !remini -n " $+ $scriptdir $+ bet.ini" PLAYERS $mta.nick($1,%a)) !remini -n " $+ $scriptdir $+ bet.ini" MONEY $mta.nick($1,%a)) !remini -n " $+ $scriptdir $+ bet.ini" OVPLAYERS $mta.nick($1,$2)) } it last part of script .i know that error here!
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