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  1. Hello, I have the following problem: Since a few days I have the 'Connection timed out!' problem. I can't connect to any server I have tried to install the latest MTA version 1.1.2, Tried to reinstall MTA, also reinstalled GTA. Nothing seems to work... Does anyone know how to fix this? PS: I have used the search function, uhm but that where 16 pages of results... Nick,
  2. stylo

    setting a reply

    most are idd created by NeO members.. but there are downloaded maps.. ( get off my wood = downloaded and modified) Not that i care.. because it are cool maps @ lol'san that sucks to buy a reply..
  3. stylo

    setting a reply

    Ehm about the maps: anyone can get some of the maps in NeO's couse there downloaded and modified al little by changing spawn points and change some cars to cops etc.. lol ^^
  4. stylo

    setting a reply

    NO you can't *COUGH* ^^ I bet anderson PWNS ya
  5. stylo

    setting a reply

    yeah NeO is the only PRO clan with his own NICE SUPA server ;D And no one, and i mean NO ONE can make it so nice
  6. I guess that's a big: POWND
  7. since a few days i get many many many erros... Before i got the error sometimes, and just restarted, since a few days the error came IN-GAME to! this is the error: Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas encountered an uncoverable error and had to ext. The Multi Theft Auto team is sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused. Then i can press 2 things: -Login to report this crash (when i click that and try to login it gives again an error) -Ok I hope you can help me. cause i realy wanna play again!
  8. stylo

    Script Programm

    Have SOWED a MTA Race server on a Debian Root server. Now I would run let gladly a Script thereon, give run allow it a program for mirc script on Linux
  9. stylo

    rangeban script

    ok but i already wrote an rangeban script by myself that only the first things write and ads an .0.0 at the end
  10. stylo

    Script Programm

    say it in germany and i will translate it for you onkelz98
  11. stylo


    and i dont know how to make etc that alias btw its almost done
  12. stylo


    [EDIT] thx m8 it works atleast someone who can help i'l put your name as credit in my release for IRC commands but that will take an while when that comes out... you may be 20 years older
  13. stylo


    hmm ok it works half it now says error absent ID
  14. stylo


    i did this its working now still with an ID but i can use %a as ID on *:TEXT:!freeze*:#:{ ;Parameters: ;$1 = Server ;$2 = ID ;$3 = Command ;$4- = Parameters var %a = $iif($4,$iif($mta.nick($1,$4) != $null,$4,$gus.getid($1,$4)),$2) if ($irc.admin($1,$2) >= 5) { /mta.freeze 1 %a } else /msg $chan 4Failed: need to be level 5 to use the command } wanna make it in an alias the parameters etc
  15. stylo


    no still not working /mta.freeze: insufficient parameters
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