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  1. do u know any forums that does?
  2. yeah but i cant play with orginal exe
  3. yeah if i run mta with original exe it says i gatta put in cd which i dont got
  4. i mean if u use the original exe to downgrade you can play with it.And if u switch it to no-cd crack ul get samething cause i tried that.
  5. i check and on orignal i got 1.0 and when i try my no-cd crack it shows that its unknown when i try installing patch how can i make it work?Oh and when im installing mta:sa 1.1.1 in midlle of installing window it gives me message that im missing MSVCP71.dll.But than i click ok.and it finishes.Now i try running and it gives me error that only 1.0 is supported.I put in MSVCP71.dll in my system32 and try reinstalling it and same screen pops up that im missing it:(Please help me as soon as u can
  6. ok i know i got 1.0 cause when i tried installnig patch it said i already got 1.01 or something like that i can figuere out why i just reinstalled my game so it clean i install mta:sa 1.0 and i get that error.I install 1.1.1 and i get error only mta:sa version 1.0 is supported.
  7. Ok i have just installed gta:sa i tried installing mta:sa 1.0 and when i load i get some screen after the black screen turns off it says some error.Ok than i tried installnig mta:sa 1.1 and i get some thing that it only supports 1.0.I have juse downloaded the game so theur shouldnt be any mods i use no-cd crack but i got orginal exe incase i need it.I have tried a lot of ways to fix but nothing.I have tried getting patch for 1.0 i isntalled it on orignal exe and it said that version patch was 1.0 so it didnt install.But if i use no-cd crack exe it says unknown version.So please help me!i really wanna play online
  8. yeah but than the game doesnt work if u use that exe:( any other ways?
  9. still same thing i tried most of them except for unistalling codec i dont no how to do that
  10. hey how can u know what version u got like 1.0?And is it possible to know if you got mods cause i get same error?
  11. I get error when i click start or next it says i got invalid gta_sa.exe is invalid but im sure its sa cause i tried to play not online so im sure its sa
  12. Hi well I am stuck on something.OK i laod the screen for mta:sa and i get error Connecting... Error sending report! (Parsing response failed) What can i do to fix it,I tried to delete gta_sa.set but nothing.Any other sugstions i use mta:sa 1.0.I have not added patches or anything jsut got the agme installed it and now wanna play online.So my game is clean no mods.So plz tell me how ti fix it i really wanna play. Does anyone know how to check my gta_sa.exe version is it 1.0?And is it possible to check if my san andreas file has mods on it?I dont think it should but it could of
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