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  1. Wtf if you can read the fine print it says,

    MTA BLUE © Copyright 2003-2004 Multitheftauto

    Grand Theft Auto Vice City Copyright Rockstar North

    And all i was wondering is WTF 2003-2004???????

  2. Really good idea's but...

    Do we really want to enjoy your game style with like firey hell water i prefer not.

    And kissing why would i want to go to a player who is a girl and kiss the player knowing they might be some old Dude/or/tranie on the other side of the screen getting his jollie's of pretending to do something like that :S

    Well that is what i think and sex hot coffe?

    It is called a real person you know that opisite sex of the male the,,

    { FEMALE Also Known as a GIRL!!!! }

    Do you have a girlfriend to have sex with or you just go and play gta sa and get your jollie's of having S*E*X with Animated girl's. wierd :S

    well there ya go :P


  3. Ok first check if your Anti-Virus program's are blocking it & 2nd are you on a router? did you use to connect to it before? maybe your router is blocking you from accessing mta server's ?

  4. He has Dynamic ip , when we tryed to do !trace a Sh*t load of ip's poped up

    I sent a e-mail to his isp so hopefully they can block him from accesing the mta server's so he won't do this again.

  5. Hello,

    i need help for reporting abuse because of two people who where constantly crashing the server that i was in.

    I am a Admin in The bond server and lately there was these two guy's who came there and was using a bot to crash the server.

    I have tried to find out how to send a complaint to there isp's.

    I have got there host's & ip's and i was wondering how can i contact there isp's.

    I have got the log on me computer to.

    Recently after we crashed i heard from my fellow mate that the same two guy's had crashed the Aragonth server which i don't know if it is true,

    So can someone help me out so this kind of problem's will never happen again.

    Thank you.

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