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  1. Yes, there are but no PORTS options only programs list where can add ( not ports) programs and block thems but i have mtaserver.exe allow there and still not work, dude..
  2. I have mtaserver.exe and all work, but i can only then put up server if i close ZA-ZoneAlarm.. If i close always ZA-ZoneAlarm then my computer have a lots of trojans and viruses.... How or where i can open there a server ports??????
  3. mtafan

    [EsT] Clan...

    We need a more people of [EsT] Clan.. We have a server: [CTD]Public Playng Area (not 24/7 up) We seaching admins on there free 2 places!!!!! Hurry, guys!
  4. Can someone tell me whats wrong there? on *:SIGNAL:mta.command:{ If ($3 == !jail lolz 1) { !.timer 1 0 mta.say $1 [CTD]lolz, you have been Jailed for 1 minute By COP! !.timer 1 1 1..2..3.. !.timer 1 2 4..5..6.. !.timer 1 3 5..6..7.. !.timer 1 4 8..9..10.. !.timer 1 5 Ahh... Okay okay it's a joke.. But you must are there 1 min. }
  5. mtafan

    MTA 0.5.1

    Why MTA Team don't release MTA 0.5.1 ?
  6. Did someone know when coming out MTA 0.5.1 ?
  7. mtafan


    But if i run MTACILENT.EXE then after the computer (PC) restarting me antivirus detected a virus.. ( always )
  8. mtafan


    I need a !gw , !giveme , !t (time script) scripts.. Can someone post thems here?(A) Thanks.
  9. mtafan


    Hi all, i'm new on that forum, but i played MTA 2 years I have a problem with MTACILENT.EXE .. my ewido anti-malware scanner says the MTACILENT.EXE original has got the ..:: Infected object found ! Infection: Heuristic.Win32.Morphine-Crypted Threat: Medium Is this really? MULTI THEFT AUTO is a B.E.S.T and now infected object found.. Someone help me! What i gonna must to do?????? Sorry for me English..
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