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    Thanks guys, I'll be sure to know what I'm doing first next time Could you explain to me why his code is wrong?
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    Now, I know this command would be very useful to many people so that they don't have to get out of the game every time they want to add or remove money from an account. I think I might have the general idea of a script like this, but I need some help... Don't flame me if I'm being a complete idiot with this attempt, I just started mIRC scripting two days ago What I need help with in the code below is two things. I need to know how to make it so that only administrators can use this code, and I need to know how to make it add or subtract cash from the current total of the account in rpg.ini. The two commands would look something like: !givecash !remcash The code below is probably horrible, but this is what I would think the !givecash script should look like (without the coding so that it can only be used by administrators). on *:SIGNAL:mta.command:{ if ($3 == !givecash) { !writeini -n rpg.ini **NOT SURE HOW TO ADD MONEY TO THE CURRENT AMOUNT** } No disses please
  3. Thanks a lot, that helped me understand it much better. All of the tutorials were very vague on this subject..
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    Well, I know they are probably the simplest thing in mIRC coding, but I don't understand them. I don't know why but I just don't. I've been learning mIRC lately and looking around at tutorials and such so I can stop asking for scripts and start making them, and I never really understood identifiers. Could someone please explain to me what exactly they are used for in MTA:mA server coding (ex. what does $1 mean, what does $2 mean, etc...) Thanks... P.S; Can someone direct me to the thread with the negative money !give error fix? I found it once and I've been searching lately and haven't been able to find it.
  5. I do. There's another example of me being out of it.
  6. Fuck lol, can someone move this to MTA:mA please? I'm out of it lately >.<
  7. I figured that since someone moved my topic about help with the !sellcar script here, that the !buyplace script should be posted here as well.
  8. I know that many people other than me have this problem as well. When I type !buyplace, it says that the place cannot be bought. I'm using GRS and the Clan-RPG script. What do I have to alter to make it work? Thanks in advance. If you need to see what I mean the server is IP: PICServer.sytes.net Port: 2003
  9. That'd be a big help. Could you send it to me? [email protected]
  10. Hmm. When I log in it always says that I have 5 dollars when I really don't have any, it doesn't write anything to rpg.ini (it's blank still), and when I log out and log back in my money still goes back to zero.
  11. Thanks, now I won't have to deal with everyone complaining anymore
  12. I've searched all over the forums for an answer to this but I was unable to find one. My server is running off of Clan-RPG Script v3.17 and GRS. Everything is working and you can get money and everything, but if you log out and log back in all of your money is gone. How can I make it so that the money stays? Please don't just say "learn mIRC and do it yourself", because I'm in the process of learning it and I still haven't been able to find a solution to this. Thanks in advance..
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