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  1. lol there is really something wrong with you? have anyone checked ur brain? i just say its nice deal with it retard
  2. COOKIE2


    close cmd but i tried shutdown and same problem
  3. hey i recently saw a resource like this militair base in desert where u must have militair skin or else rockets shoot at you i searched everywereeeeee
  4. WTF IS WRONG WITH U ALL (almost all) i need help I dont wanna be called stealer or a nub telling me not to tell someone a nub who accuse me for stealing please someone with knowledge can you help me
  5. COOKIE2


    raulrobi u need a stat or any other script?? and just replace the line with the original outputchatbox it totaally worked for me
  6. COOKIE2


    works perfect ty guys
  7. lol.... listen please I GOT THE LUA i wanna known how to set a definition to a button in gui (read before accusing nub)
  8. COOKIE2


    hey i got an command that allows to see cash /cash how to show it to everyone like i typ /cash and it comes in public so everyone can see ur cash
  9. i got an lua but i really dont wanna post it here (not cuz im greedy son of a ****) but my friend asked me to dont make it public so i just wana know like this (its not to lua i mean) how do i make a button for /buy hunter or something ) i wanna make a gui where i can get a definition into it price = {} price.hunter = 100000 addCommandHandler("buy", function (player, command, item) if item == "hunter" then if getPlayerMoney(player) > price.hunter then local vehicle = getPedOccupiedVehicle(player) if vehicle then fixVehicle(vehicle) takePlayerMoney(player, price.hunter) outputChatBox("You've bought a hunter", player, 0, 222, 0, true) else outputChatBox("You think im stupid", player, 222, 0, 0, true) end else outputChatBox("Not enough cash, hunter costs $"..price.hunter, player, 222, 0, 0, true) end end end )
  10. hey i made a gui for wins example someone presses f6 and a gui appears but it doesnt say how many wins and deaths i had in race i got server/client side scripts can someone give me an example without me showing u the lua's btw if this was stolen?? why do i ask how to set a difinition to a button and not a lua I DIDNT STEAL ANYTHING ( JOSE )
  11. COOKIE2


    hello, every time i ban someone and restart server my banlist is clean ( it doesnt save bans)
  12. COOKIE2


    does anyone know how to make a stat system that saves youre wins and cash because i tried making it with wiki and it didnt work
  13. taalasmaa ur good scripter dont u guys see this is good?? it helps u defeat hackers
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