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  1. useless1: You'd need to either the addScoreboardColumn functions from the race resource or remove them manually with the removeScoreboardColumn/scoreboardRemoveColumn functions. Race will propably re-add the columns at certain intervals so I suggest to just remove the adding from the race. If you're not using the race resource, those columns are not even added so it shouldn't be a problem.

    i dont know to what/where i need to edit, to find that. possibly point me in the right direction?

  2. Would it be possible to add & change multiple colors for the blips, instead of having everyone be the same color. Plus, i've noticed they only change to the colored blip after a respawn, is it possible to have them colored all the time?

  3. i've tried using a custom vehiclecolor.conf, didn't like it after awhile, so i changed back a stock file. but now it seems there is some odd color changes that appear when respawning, how can i get it back to normal again?

    another question i have is about the setcolor feature. i have changed all the setcolor lines in my acl file to false, and people are still able to change colors by using the /sc command, is it possible to completely disable it?

  4. IRCEcho... I have tried it. According to my server log, it loads with no errors, but it seems to never enter my irc channel.

    SebasIRC... I'd like to try it, but I don't see a download link for it anywhere. The link on the wiki page just goes to their google code page.

  5. on *:PART:#: {
     /mta.text 1 $nick left IRC.
    on *:JOIN:#: {
     /mta.text 1 $nick joined IRC.
    on *:QUIT:#: {
     /mta.text 1 $nick quit IRC.

    Join & Part are working.

    but Quit gives me this error in the status window...

    #: Unknown command

  6. Hey,

    Just a update, im going to update this script one more time, fixing and adding some stuff and release a final version. Then i will be waiting for the release of MTA:Deathmatch and start working on scripts for that.



    how long before til we can expect the next update?

  7. * signal 'mta.a2a' (1 255 BROADCAST Admin LOSTMAP 31)

    i get these more frequently as of lately. the numbers after LOSTMAP change, depending on which map is being played. is there a way to fix it?

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