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  1. I get this a lot as well on Race v1.1.1 (and don't tell me 8Mbit/s is a bad internet connection, or that 40 ms ping is high!). Usually the first visual clue of being disconnected from the server is when a checkpoint won't "check" when I drive through it. Sometimes I can still see other people driving, sometimes not, but most of the time people just get stuck in whatever they were doing (like someone executing a left turn will just drive in circles). Most of the time I will soon be disconnected from the server with a message ala "Client not responding", but not all of the time - sometimes the "checkpoint doesn't check" will be the ONLY clue of being out of sync/connection with the server (ie I can still drive and so can others, only when I touch a checkpoint nothing happens). This bug can get quite annoying, especially when you are leading a race and suddenly a checkpoint won't check and you have to reconnect, consequently loosing the entire race. BTW, why doesn't MTA have a console command to (quickly) reconnect to a server? I have to type: "disconnect" every time, then get to Quick Connect from the menu just to reconnect to a server... (thank God I always connect to a server using Quick Connect anyway, otherwise I'd probably have to find the correct server in the browser every time!)
  2. I used to have the same problem, but it was fixed by deleting the "gta_sa.set" file in the GTA San Andreas user files directory. If that doesn't work for you, see the following thread: "Doesn't work, quits at startup"
  3. If I get you, then what you're describing isn't: "press F2 automatically" (=actually send a "NO" response to the server), but instead: "hide the voting dialog on my client" (=don't bug me, but don't send anything to the server either). Those are two quite different suggestions ... PS: I would agree to the latter, but not the former.
  4. You would probably mention it, but I still have to ask: does the usage of your hard-drive/dvd-rom rise when your FPS drops? If it's the first you could try defragmenting your drive and see if that helps (helped me once). You could also check that you have enough free memory when running the game (maybe tha game's memory is being written/swapped to the - very slow - hard drive by Windows, because you're low on RAM). And if it's the second, try doing a full install of GTA:SA (with music, etc.) - that way GTA won't have to read as much from the (slow) dvd, while in-game. If it's neither: I'm stumped at the moment
  5. Actually, that sounds quite reasonable (linkage). Thanks
  6. Because the problem only came to light after release. I see - thanks for explaining. And, I'm sorry if I appeared a bit hostile in my previous post.. I've had a bit of a rough day.
  7. If setting the thread's (threads' ?) processor affinity is really the solution, then why doesn't MTA set that itself? To my knowledge it's just a single Windows API call per thread. Though it might degrade overall game performance on high-end systems, you still have to ensure equal racing conditions for all players! And, just to satisfy my curiosity: what's the problem actually? Is it the imprecise (performance?) timer on dual-cores, or something else? Anyway, I hope this gets fixed soon.
  8. Good idea! A further spin-off on this could be, that the blip of someone posting a message (with the "say" command) would turn from blue to lighter-blue (could also be white) when he posts a message, and then slowly fade back to it's original color. That way it would be easier to find someone who's posting a message (useful for situations where someone invites you to "Come here" and you don't know where exactly that is - think of the H8 Crime map, or the proposed Manhunt game-type).
  9. Agreed thus far. Now, this is where I don't quite agree. Three races can be a lot (especially with longer races)! In my opinion it would be better if you disabled starting a vote for a newly joined client, for say 1 or 2 minutes after he joins (Soldier Of Fortune 2 uses 1 minute). That way most lamers will be prevented from starting a vote immediately after they join, and normal players will be able to vote if they really need to as well, without having to needlessly wait for "3" races to finish (which could take 3 minutes with a lot of voting, or up to 30 minutes with longer races). Don't worry, your English is fine
  10. Thanks a lot mate! I had (still have) the exact same problem as Aidamina (including the occasional crash when trying to connect thorough the ingame browser), except the Quick Connect work-around works for me. Now I can finally play this great game
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