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  1. you can use skype, then you can use voice how u want 2, instead off idiots shouting down a mic, and putting shit songs on, that 1 idear
  2. i just might do that, lol ripMalice
  3. FBI_Master

    RPg prob

    ok sorry, i just saying me and my mates did play with that script but it got boring, after a wile
  4. ok thx, it wolud be cool to have all the weapons in sa
  5. ok, if they cant see it their is no point, the name on back i ment the clan name, like on sa offline the fbi have that on their back, that what i meant
  6. if you did the multiplayer for san andreas, would it have all weapons the rockstar games made for the game, or would you disable them like you did vice city, like no minigun and that
  7. yer that would be cool, put your name on the back off your player
  8. FBI_Master

    RPg prob

    yer but what the point, sell all cars come back in 10 min and do it again, what the point the point is boring, make a script to earn money another way,or no will come to your sever, cause i used to play that script and i got bored to death
  9. FBI_Master


    why wont you hug me, lol
  10. FBI_Master


    well first, u must get win rar, to open it, and second off alll try searching first
  11. try and search first, u need to reinstall vice city, that should fix it
  12. FBI_Master

    I cant ingame

    can u read ????????? i think not it says reinstall, trye to reinsatll vice city, cause you have modified it
  13. FBI_Master


    how about you fuck your mum again
  14. FBI_Master


    how about make one youself
  15. why dont you read the know issues
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