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  1. Even though some people think SA is better with the new controls, you can't defend "turning around instead of walking backwards when aiming."
  2. Vice was like that too. If you ever noticed when you fire in vice city it takes your guy about a second to raise his gun before he fires. If there was a mod for SA that would do the same thing, I'd hope your guy would raise the gun in a split second at most. Also the camera should stay zoomed out when you fire. Hopefully somebody will makes this mod so MTA:SA is more enjoyable. If I was smart enough, I'd do it myself.
  3. I have gotten used to the new system as well. If the system was reverted back to the vice city style, I'd hope that the new driving system remains the same though. I do think that the new shooting sytem is fine for singleplayer, but multiplayer is another story. There aren't too many multiplayer games that follow the gta:SA system.
  4. The driving is better for sure, but the new shooting system on the pc is garbage. The shooting missions are a lot more frustrating now because of the ps2 controls on the pc. Yes, there are a lot of 3rd person games that use the same style, but there the games that don't involve a whole lot of shooting unless they are on consoles.
  5. Fight in a combat crouch, if you do this he DOES walk backwards. You are harder to hit and accuracy is vastly improved too. It still doesn't solve the problem of the crappy controls though.
  6. Does anyone else here notice that CJ looks a lot like Dr. Dre and Lance Ryder Wilson looks like Easy-E.
  7. It would be cool if the gang colours you chose waere on a large colour weel so you could change the hue, brightness, and saturation. If you could change those three of those parts of colours you could come up with thousands of different colours.
  8. I even uninstalled mTa and reinstalled vice city and backed up the files, but when i tried to reopen with the backed up files it's still gave me the same error.
  9. that's what I get everytime I join a server now, any explaination?
  10. if DM comes with MTA blue for V.C. there should also be blips on the radar with different colours showing your gang, your rival gang, and indifferent gangs. They should also make so you lose kills when you kill your gang members and if you kill an indifferent gang than you gain no kills or lose no kills. Because there are rivalries between gangs in MTA 0.5, rivalries in MTA blue with the original gangs works perfectly because: the cubans and haitans are rivals, the sharks and bikers are rivals, and the vercetti gang and forelli mafia are rivals.
  11. I'd have to say, that the only thing I could think of that would need to be modded in gta SAn Andreas is the vegitation. The buildings are fine the way they are, but the trees need to be modified so they are 3-d. Everything else in SA is good the way it is.
  12. I think the more to explore, the better. Is Los Santos by itself larger than Liberty City as a whole?
  13. Can someone here who owns or has played san andreas on the ps2, please tell me how much bigger it's size is compared to liberty city. I don't want an answer such as "it's like 8 times bigger." I want an honest answer.
  14. I think it should ship DM. Instead of the stupid gangs like the sailors, robbers, crusaders etc. they should put in the original gangs like the bikers, sharks, haitins, cubans, columbians, and the vercetti gang. They should also be on their original turf too.
  15. you guys are digressing from the original question. Will there be gangs in mta blue in the same way as there are gangs in mta0.5?
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