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  1. Thats your answer, ok, sorry and goodbye
  2. Looks like u still dong get what i meant, really does someone has stoped for a second and thing what im talkwing about? U keep thinking that all this i said its about me, u know what?.. NO, IT ISNT! im not qualified to do that, but there re ppl who would. What i *can(looks like not) is SUGGEST to increase the actuall team, and then i get insulted. (thats why that "lol", b lucky, and stuff.. i ussually dont let ppl to insultme, and less when im just trying to give everyone a possible solution to the actuall mta state. IM NOT TALKING ABOUT ME! IM NOT INTERESTED joinning the f! team or what ever. More coders isnt equal less progress if u got a simple fact as coordination and dialogue between them. Actually the current coders just can do their work a few hours at day if their lifes lets them while increasing the team (IM NOT INCLUDINGME) it would accelerate the progress. Is this an insult to you?? Then explainme why? and ill say sorry and ill leave your forums.
  3. ..They suposedly has their plans to develope this MTA and Blue, so they re tracking a way of work to develope it, but ill make u think for a sec.. MTA Blue is infinitely greater, smarter, and f! sh!t better than the actuall core, im just wondering how u guys re going to develope Blue if u cant really develope/control the actuall one with 10 or 12 ppl. ROFL!!!!!! Most of u cant c that BLUE or an perfect MTA never will b possible if they keep this way, developing games takes AGES and requires a GREATER team work than they actually do. This way i can sure that R* will release a multiplayer game before you finish your MTA, Blue (which has been at 65% progress like a year ago, so will we got to wait another year or two?MOHAHAH), Green or whatever u want to call it. Then looks like u eAi are who really needs a bit of grey matter and think on what u doing. In fact u will need it. I just dont care your insults cos i know u got no stupid reason, so run and go finish your Blue.LOL
  4. Then it gots no sense right?.. maybe u really cant understand what i meant... Im telling u whats the mta problem and u answerme with an insult.. Keep it that way.
  5. What about quality and quantity. Haste no speed is ok lol U can get the quality u re talking about each day. There is quality, u just need "more" quality. EDIT: Forget it man.. keep things as they stays... B lucky with Blue..
  6. Then we re back to the same tonic.. reduce the team to a few members, how many 15-20 members actually?.. "coz u dont need them" it would b 25-30.. In my opinion the "we dont need help coz WE re the MTA Team" atitude its what more damages this project. MTA Team is giving us the best they can, but it will take ages to manage it to the point they want it.
  7. /me thinks: does every mta player knows about that?.. does everyone will see these lines? U should publicate a lil butom at main page or a forum topic where interested ppl would ask to join the team, something that everyone would see easily. If u take a look at the site, u wont see nothing refering to join mta team or colaborate no where, this way only aged/expert/and known or popular mta players can get acces to this option. And please NOTE that IM NOT critising or bitching your work, im just giving u an idea that would help EVERYONE, MTA Team for more hands=more time and stuff to work and players for greater, better and more ussual releases.
  8. JonChappell wrote: ..MTA team (and a few irc homies) re who mostly tests each release and looks like they re still not enough ppl, remember the radar bug and his re-release and a known patch to prevent lag.. Nobody says that they re not making a great job, MTA has been changing since the begining and users had to adapt oneself to it in each release due to lag, glitches/ers, unsynching actually drowns.. What u mean its: More programmers=more time to development and test=less progres??? ..ok. ..pointless, nice spam dude.. Edit: Wtb congrats for your 3000 post JonChappell!
  9. FlashDot

    MTA question

  10. Finally your espected tutorial l2ebel. Great job man
  11. Not bad for an 1st video.. i ve seen them better.5/10 How much time it takes to make this video? 1 day? 2..? u got to work hard in editing synchronice music with stunt and stuf..
  12. Im not suggesting them to pick ppl like bus... Im just suggesting to test more coders,mem hackers, and stuf... "U help us developing MTA coz u test our beta"--->No. What kind of help would give an ussuall mta player? ye i know this bug, that glitch and sh!t but thats not enough. Every day u can c modders, c++ programmers or simply hackers who would REALLY help developing this out instead of hacking MTA clients. Its totally out of sense that PlayStation users can play co-op mode but not PC players, remember they told PC version will got more features than PS2, maybe this co-op mode its an preview of what they re working on (nobody knows) ..what ever im not talking about me, im talking about these unknow users who would really help.im not talking bout cheatersi meant ppl who handles GTA.
  13. JonChappell wrote: ...pointless. U surelly know what i meant (obviusly it isnt an 10389 ppl team) Im sure a near 50 ppl of 10389 (and rising) would help in the developments. If it were so easy to join mta team im sure there would b more developers than it actually does. What its clear its that R* will include the 2 players mode (which its pointless in pc.. or u re going to install 2 mouses to play? )[/u]
  14. Id like to point a few things. gamebro: As u said ppl plays mta cos it makes possible to play with another humans, MTA Team has given us that and every1 has finally their gta multiplayer. Even mta isnt synched at all i play mta since 0.2 cos its unique. I dont know if MTA:SA will b possible, the only i know its R* has "help" including the second player wich would help in the developing of mta:sa, cos its totally synched and fully operational from 1p view, this point would b aplied to mta in skin,animations,synch and stuff. MTA has an unique problem, which in my opinion its the guilty of all what happens/affects to MTA since i remember. How many MTA developers re there? its obvius that they re not enough to handle an giant project like mta. They re developing mta for free, in their spare time. If there were more MTA Team it would rise fast as sun.. isnt it? Im not calling u incompetent or lazzy, just u need more help, and wtb, there re actually 10389 registered users who will loose their balls to contribute in the development of this giant project (me included).
  15. Problem with modding is that u can set a server ONLY for modders, but on the whole they will also play it in No Mod Allowed servers... coz its hella cool or what ever they think..
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