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  1. that dificult is? maybe i need to learn a little of c++ But Thanks
  2. as the title says. . . how can i make functions that i can call from any resource without the need of the function (call)?? Thanks afterwards
  3. thanks my friend, but that will be the second step
  4. so many thanks my friend, i didnt know that cars have elementData
  5. hi all again! my question now is, how can i get the position of a vehicle where they respawn, as in the *.map file it is posible? Thanks!
  6. nothing, just asking if there are better ways but thanks
  7. hi all, there is a way to get the elements near a player without using a colShape?
  8. so many thanks my friend I love you!
  9. hi all my friends!! my problem today is to add a column in scoreboard-resource with an spesific size, how can i do that? im calling with call(getResourceFromName("scoreboard"), "addScoreboardColumn", "Job") Thanks The Job column must show "Looking for Job" but is too small
  10. What its the diference betwen a ped with setPedStat(energy, 0) and setPedStat(energy, 1000) i know that argunments of "setPedStat" are not like that, but you know what i mean just want to know the the diference about that 2 stats
  11. thanks for you two!!! thanks a lot!! i got my brain clean
  12. hi all again as the title says. . . whats mean (. . .)? like in this function table.find(t, ...) thanks before hand
  13. hi all i have a question about the effects of stamina and energy in the stats? what they do?
  14. I mean in res1 there is addEventHandler("onResourceStart", res2, dosomething) and then res2 is stopped. Then when res2 starts again the addEventHandler("onResourceStart", res2, dosomething) will be triggered?
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