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  1. Ohh, ok, it would be nice thow.
  2. Heya people I was wondering, would any/ or would there be a Multiplayer mod made for Just Cause?. This is the only website I know to do that.
  3. kyle939

    is MTA a LAN

    heya people I was wondering, is any of the MTA series a LAN enabled game play, so instead of playing on the internet, you can play on a LAN?
  4. Heya Guys/Gals I was wondering, do i have to do any ports opening for people to join my server, i can join my server through the server remote thingy, but if i won't to play i gotta go into the game and quick connect, and i cannot minimize it down, so i was wondering, what can i type in the console to be a admin, even thow it is my server, and is there like a easy mad maker program
  5. Heya people i was wondering, why isit that everytime i go to the ASE server list for GTA:Rumble, when i click on join and go in i got Start Game>New Game and it drops me in the drocken airplanes place, with four stars and no-one else in the game, i cannot see anyone at all, please help me, also how do i spawn cars and guns and stuff like that if i am admin of my own server and how do i add my server into the ASE server list? Here is the information right here is the info and stuff ok, read it and tell me where i am going wrong GTA Rumble exe Name: Kyle Server IP: Server Port: 2020 Server Pass: ` SA Path: F:\GTA San Andreas\GTA San Andreas ASE INFO i went to tools> options> games > then found SDK Test and went to "F:\GTA San Andreas\GTA San Andreas\gta_sa.exe" and it gives me a list of servers BUT, everytimei go 2 join a server i go join or right click play as a player, and, it all goes through but then, i click on new game and i get instant full stars and i am alone, but if i make a new server and launch it, it says well it is all loading "Welcome top GTA Rumble" you know all that stuff right, but when i join some one elses server that dont come up. So can anyone help me? also, do i have do any ports on my firewall? thank
  6. heya people personally i think san should have stats like the better you are the more levels or xp you will go up that would be good fun it would make more people play it, because they would wont to go up all the levels they can...
  7. heya ppl i want to make my own i made it set it up and ran it yes.. but when i gave my friends the ip and port they sed that they could not get it.. it kept disconnecting and reconnecting.. help ppl what can i do to make my own server so im the admin
  8. no it still happens no matter what i do
  9. my problems for mtavc 0.5 is that i keep getting disconnected because it says "disconnected becuase of suspected trainer usage" and i dt have my game will crash if i keep my finger downon the sprint and a error box comes up and my ping keeps going very high 4 no reason and thats it. thnxs for yur time ppl who read this
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