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  1. [TDH]BriaN


    He talk about "mtaserver.conf" in server directory. 138 line: 36
  2. [TDH]BriaN

    interface problems

    "Network module not compatible!" - Some problem with last build, install previosly. Link: http://nightly.mtasa.com/mtasa-1.1.1-rc ... 111212.exe Last Data: http://code.google.com/p/mtasa-blue/downloads/list
  3. then dont know, at me on intell 4 express, i just unpacked files, d3d9.dll helps and all working. Try to remove the video drivers and install newer, older or change options in intell settings. I assured on 100% its problem in video card.
  4. Card name: Mobile Intel® 945 Express Chipset Family - thats your problem. I 2 have this, but on intel 4 express, i think its problem on intel video cards, but not at all. Try this: download arhive "GTA San Andreas beta v0.075c test 3" from http://enbdev.com/download_en.htm , unpack it files in GTA San Andreas directory, then run mta.exe. I dont know thats will help you or not, but on my notebook has worked. P.S. This plugin for improvements graphic. Settings in enbseries.ini, and activated on press shift+12. It can lead to low fps, but i did not activate plugin, all worked and normal fps.
  5. Too many questions on forum who have Intel video card, problem in her, but no answer... I found the answer myself =)) Ok, download this arhive: http://enbdev.com/enbseries_gtasa_v0075s.zip and just unpack it files in GTA San Andreas directory, then run mta.exe, all must be fine. If you will have low fps, press shift+f12, if not, don't press =) Thats all, i play in mta from my notebook, with intel 4 express, and dont have any problems, good luck =) P.S. If you have any questions, read readme_en.txt in arhive =)
  6. I have small idea. In blog wrote about that that behind objects it will not be visible any more nicks. But on radars that remain blips. So, it would be not bad that through scripts it was possible to adjust, on what distance from the man he will be seen to the player on a radar. We admit if the player are on distance less than 2 meters, they can sees each other on a radar, and if that there are more than 2 meters already vanish from radars.
  7. yeah, I too think so, main only that it was possible to switch off in the certain interiors, or on the contrary, that is to switch off in all and to permit only in the certain interiors.
  8. cool idea, I think will look is rather realistic, though I think to take away HP not necessarily, but if to make, it is a little, for example 10%.
  9. I think such 100% it will be possible, because in MTA Race it was already built - in.
  10. Too very much I wait S.T.A.L.K.E.R =) Well I think if to make styles, that it was possible to do something such as boxes for boxings, skins, time of fight, etc. =)
  11. Very much for a long time played, at once after his output, on: P3 1000 MHz, 256 ram, GeForce MX 2 32. Quite normally on average adjustments ran
  12. idea quite good and to fit for tournaments in fists =)
  13. GTA, on a genre, there is more action than RPG, on this if to make any innovations, it is necessary to do them in a measure instead of to mould all in succession.
  14. I think that main that have let out SDK, to take for example SDK same BF2, there it is possible to get up to interesting things.
  15. Many popular games, for example such as BF2, HL2 DM, CSS, have multilanguage support in chat, it would be not bad, if such thing have made and in MTA. We admit, it would be possible to include through config. Or even to make completely multilanguage support of all client and not just chat, and language the files were loaded directly from server.
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