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  1. if ppl can still glitch with stubby then they should enable the jumping with stubby again..
  2. i think crouch glitch still exist..i've seen ppl doing it last nite
  3. if u watch the video carefully he is not actually stopping...watch closely. i m sure if he was not in KFC u guys would be arguing about his glitch/cheat rite now..
  4. once i was in partyserver nd i remember KungFu said tht running and shooting at same time is cheating.. -PVD-
  5. can someone post the video if someone recorded during fight...so everyone can see wuts he actually doing
  6. lmfao....r33d4am u talking about playing fair?? it would be only fair when u fight us without glitch...u cant fight shyt without tht glitch/cheat/mod/wutever the f**k u r doing..
  7. i think wut reedham does(running nd shooting at same time) is kinda cheating.
  8. energizer

    [FC]- Fight Club

    hmmm....short nd nice description j/k.. do wut Quig said BTW good luck..
  9. shouldn't it be [NYC] = new year clan???
  10. camaro u forgot to mention one thing... u were jetpacking.. *cough* *cough*
  11. i was there too.MT was being ghey lately...they were spawnkillin nd using hacks(healthhack and speedhack). usually they dnt cheat but today they were actin like totally n00bs.. get a f****** live...
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