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Looking for stunt map

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I think I found it, If its called "Ultimate Stunt-Park 1.5" then I found it! I havnt installed it yet but it might be what we are looking for. You wont believe all the mods on this german page, its crazy. Also look at this page:


go down to the bottom of the page and look at the mod. lol.

aww sweet. I havnt' installed it yet, but who cares! maps are good. hehe. Many thanks!

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Yeah that was it. damn that is pretty frikken cool. its not as big as I was expecting, but the fact that it is built off of liberty city is cool. It looks like he plans to add more as well. theres a "comming soon" sign at the end of a road that just drops off into water. I'm assuming hes gonna add on to it there. I cant wait. Thx again for the link

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