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It's a common problem if you got custom textures, it's because the memory is not enough to display the textures so it will be like that, to fix this you need to upgrade your RAM or VGA. I see you're playing in CIT? Maybe you can disable the custom textures? There are two fixes as far as I know.

First is to do this MTA Settings > Advanced > Streaming memory > Set to maximum.

and second, you need to download this one, it's called "Stream Memory Fix 2.0" it can fix the texture problems, just need to put it into your GTA:San Andreas directory (not MTA:SA dir)

Tell me if it's working!

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1 hour ago, gamerdudenorwen said:

It didnt work :/

Have you downloaded the stream memory fix? Here's the link Stream Memory Fix 2.0

It has helped alot people and they say it worked, I don't know about you. You need to put all the files inside your GTA San Andreas directory. Ex:C\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto San Andreas directory.

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