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forklift mta crash


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hey guys,

i get this crash when doing following stuff :

picking up an item with forklift

then setting a moveObject on the item ( to simulate for ex : drop off on conveyor)

the element is attached (logic) to the forklift but don't dettach automaticly by using moveObject.

now my question :

is there a specific function to see if the element is still attached

or is there any way to get the curent state of the forks(for ex. forkliftstate = up or down)

i tried isElementAttached but it dont seem to give back the good value for the element on forklift

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As far as I'm aware there is absolutely no way at all to check if the Forklift has an object attached to its forks(I was trying to do this a while ago myself). The only workaround I can think of would be to manually attach the object to the forklift using attachElements. I guess you could use collision spheres to check if the forklift is in range of the object.

It would be nice if they could create some functions for us to see whether or not the Forklift has an object attached, and then let us detach it.

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