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[Help] Event for punching/kicking a vehicle

Olle Risk

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Hello, I'm trying to set a wanted level on players who commit crimes but I got stuck with the case where a player stand on top of a vehicle and kick it constantly as well as pushing a vehicle from the side with fists or meele weapons. Is there any event available for such attacks?

I already tried these:


Any ideas?

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You can use this.

rootElement = getRootElement() 
function vandalismveh (player, vehicle) 
local x, y, z = getElementPosition ( player ) 
local xv, yv, zv = getElementPosition ( vehicle )  
if getDistanceBetweenPoints3D ( x, y, z, xv, yv, zv ) == 1 then 
setPlayerWantedLevel ( player, 1 ) 
addEventHandler( "OnClientPlayerWeaponFire", rootElement, vandalismveh ) 

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Nope, it doesn't trigger when I punch the vehicle or stand on top of it kicking on it. I'm looking for an event that trigger on such actions, I'm using a separate system to manage wanted levels so that's pretty much just 1 line of code for me, I just need help to find a trigger (event) for that piece of code to do what I want.

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use a on vehicle damage event from client or server side and check if there's attacker and if attacker is a player and if getPedWeapon player == 0(fist) then --do your code


-- client 
function handleDamage(attacker,weapon) 
   if attacker and getElementType(attacker) == "player" and weapon and weapon == 0 then -- if attacker is player and fist was used 
      triggerServerEvent("onPlayerWantedLevelUpdate",attacker,1) -- give him 1 star [has to be serverside so we use trigger] 
-- server 
function setWanted(level) 

edit: you can rewrite some parts of this code to turn it into your event for fist hitting a vehicle

just edit client side function to your own needs

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I tried with "onClientVehicleDamage" earlier but it doesn't seem to trigger on those specific cases I described even if the vehicle do get's damaged, I'll do a few more tests and reply later if it doesn't works. Thanks anyway.

You've said in first post that you're unable to get event when player gets on top of car and starts hitting it and for other melee weapons you could store their ids and then in client script check if table[weapon] and then triggerServerEvent

but for the first case(player being on top of car and hitting it) the script works fine for me

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