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DX editbox to front


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I am trying to make an login panel with DX, so i wanted to put an DX editbox, but the editbox is behind the DX panel instead of at the front of it. how can I get the editbox to the front of the panel?

I've looked around at wiki etc, I found something like postGUI which was for that i guess. I changed that to true but it didn't work

editbox syntax

createEditBox( string/int id, float( 0 - 1 ) x, float( 0 - 1 ) y, float( 0 - 1 ) width, float( 0 - 1 ) height, bool visible, string text, bool mask, int maxLength, string font text, bool space, int type, function color( r, g, b, a ),  bool rectangle,  function rectangleColor ( r, g, b, a ), float scaleText, bool clip,  int ms ( how many miliseconds have to pass to delete text with backspace), bool helpText , string helpText, function helpTextColor( r, g, b, a ), bool helpTextOff, float helpTextScale, string helpTextFont, bool postGUI, bool carret, function carretColor( r, g, b ), bool specialCharacters, bool clickable ) 

nvm fixed it. it was the dxDrawRectangle at the other function its postGUI was true

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