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Just answer to my question. Everyone possible.

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If I own a train and if there are 2 mentally unstable men standing on my HEAD (!) why should I be sarcastic if I want to buy a pile of wood from Solidsnake14 who is a programmer but he can't deliver pizza or hamburgers to the United States even though I live in Bosnia and Herzegovina without possibly degrading his motorbike while travelling 10000 KM getting me the worst computer ever?

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Why you are posting off-topic? Backflip asked a question , why you don't answer him? what would cost you that?

Also , why you deleted my comment? i only said the truth and you don't accept the truth man , don't forget we all love you and we don't care are you gay or not. We all respect you brother !!!!

Btw, Banex said he like you, he would like to a have night with u.

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