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[HELP] AC-Vehivles resource


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The idea is relatively simple and has been the same ever since the beginning, look into the file "veh-data.lua". In there you'll find a table at the bottom with a layout like this:

vehRights1 = { 
    -- occupation, team, wanted-level 
    [1]={ "", "", 50 }, 

Where the first value is "occupation", assigned by element data like this:

setElementData(thePlayer, "Occupation", "value") 

Team is a standard team object which has to be defined and setup properly as well. The current version is 2.2-beta but on the community it's 1.4, I haven't looked deeper into that version in many months but I do know the later versions will use the built in wanted level to check for that value, otherwise the value named wanted level in the table must be set as element data as well. The key for that is "Wanted".

All I can suggest is to edit the part where all the checks are performed, or wait for the 2.2 release of GTW-RPG as the upgraded version of this resource will be included there. Same with the police and wanted level system as none of them communicate properly with each others in versions below 2.0.

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