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Turfing system


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Well the community version is almost a year old by now while the current version is 10 days old. If you want to use teams instead of groups it's relatively easy to change, as it uses element data. You just have to replace all entries holding:

getElementData(..., "Group") 



A working group system for this would be this one: https://community.multitheftauto.com/index.php?p=resources&s=details&id=8291 by sebbe. Note that the turf system is made for the group system and not the opposite, so don't expect any support from sebbe if you get any issues with the integration between the systems, as it's not his responsibility. There are two modified versions of that group system however made to work with the turf system out of the box. One by The Walrus (released 2014), and the other by Chronos (released 2015), you'll find them both here:


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Thanks for that :) but I already have a gang system and yeah, I want to use turfs by Teams :D , is there a command to start the turf or It's just start turfing when you enter? Because I would more like the thing like /turf to start turfing, thanks :)

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