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Hello folks,

i'm using a custom font to draw a vehicle's health ,but i got 2 problems ,

1 - it lags when the number changes like if i had 99% hp and i hit someone it will go down to 90 % and here it lags for 1 sec

2 - when the number changes also , a line is drawn under the number like in this photo :


nothing more to say.. i've tried bangothic font and it works with 0 lag.

any help would be greatly appreciated.

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local font = dxCreateFont( "font.ttf",19 ) 
function render() 
local vehicle = getPedOccupiedVehicle(localPlayer) 
local health = math.round(((getElementHealth(vehicle)-250)/750*100),0) 
local speed = getElementSpeed(vehicle) 
if health <= 0 then 
health = 0 
dxDrawImage ( sw-118, sh/1.15,110,70, 'progress_health_bg.png') 
dxDrawImage ( sw-118, sh/1.15,speed,70, 'progress_speed.png') 
    dxDrawText(health.."%", sw-118, (sh/1.15)+5,sw-6,1,tocolor(r,g,b,255),1,font,"right") 

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