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Hello :)

I was wondering if I can refresh a IF statement in a function that is triggered ONE TIME.

For example a GUI. I draw the first tab, but the second requires a getElementData == true, and I can change that from the first tab. How can I make it recheck the elementData without re-triggering the function ?


function example() 
    outputChatBox("This is triggered without any conditions") 
    --more code that can change the element data 
    if getElementData(localPlayer, "canITriggerIt") == true then 
        outputChatBox("Horay, i was triggered") 

It's a GUI with 2 tabs, I don't want to re-trigger the function to recheck the getElementData

Thank you :D

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That is exactly what you need. You can't "refresh" a statement.

onClientElementDataChange will be triggered whenever an element's data change. You can detect when canITriggerIt gets changed and recheck the value.

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