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small problem in Character System ?

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Have a nice day guys ..

I spent four days with this script i have problem but i dont now where its ...

First thing this is not Leaked Resrouce this is from release GM

Second thing i edit little on it and change DB

third thing ... when i create character its normal but when i choose the character there are outputchatbox said :you are Playing now in the character but the screen still in the character window with out spawning ...?

i mean the character didnt spawn...

And There isnt Any Error in debugscript :)

:) i wish if you give me some help im new i want to learn and im sorry for take your time guys this is script :


CODE REMOVED BY Solidsnake14

There Are some Of Lines I delete it Because of the Topic Very much of Letters not important

Note : For Remember This is not Leaked And im new if there are some errors its normal

Thanks guys :)

And Don't Steal it people lool :D

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Why are you telling us not to steal it when you claim it's a released gamemode?

This is the Valhalla Gaming RP gamemode, a leaked gamemode as far as I'm aware. Therefore you're not likely to get any help with this.

yes this is released i think i download it from SPL4Z ?? i dont know if it leaked but ithought its normal if you download and edit it i dont love to steal From People ?

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