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[Help] Excuseme ! ?

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Have A nice Day my friends i wish if some one say to me if the player quit from the job what is the function to back the player to his original skin ??

And this is From Releases Resources not Leaked :):?

i used this command but there are wrong

Field to call mysql:escape_string [string"?"]

function quit( p, f) 
    if ( player and isElement ( p) and getElementType ( p) == 'p' ) then 
        if ( f== nil ) then 
            f= true 
        local data = mysql:escape_string("SELECT * FROM characters WHERE skin='" .. mysql:escape_string(skin) .. "' AND account='" .. mysql:escape_string(id) .. "' AND cked = 0") 
        local job= getElementData ( p, "Job" ) 
        local rank = getElementData ( p, "Job Rank" ) 
        setElementData ( p, "Job", "civilian" ) 
        if ( isPedInVehicle ( p) ) then removePedFromVehicle ( p) end 
        local skin = tonumber ( getElementData ( p, "User.CivilianSkin" ) ) 
        if ( not skin ) then 
        setElementData ( p, "User.CivilianSkin",data) 
        triggerClientEvent ( p, "onPlayerResign", player, job, rank, data) 
        local skin = tonumber(data["skin"]) 
        setPedSkin(source, skin) 

i know its bad because im new :) thank you :)

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