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facebook and twitter mods

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Here is my first handmade skin for gta and mta Since i was freakout with my lag i was working on this shits

I uploaded it on gtainside since approval is going on i cant mention the gtainside post until that please use the jumpshare link

I will edit the topic whenever i make a new skin so dont lock it please

Facebook and twitter face :







Link: GTA skin : http://jmp.sh/DgRs3Q6

MTA scripted skin : http://jmp.sh/xgEBvsu

Video :

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[ now i wonder why u didnt got GTAInside approval's ].

lol... i do not want to a person who being such bossy. which im not.

Just have you Read well the both " Facebook / Twitter " Terms or service, plus its Copyright Notice.

Facebook ::



Plus Don’t:***

  • Worry about using either the ® or the ™ attribution symbols with Facebook branding.
  • Use the Like button logo in online advertising.
  • Use the Facebook logo for any purpose. The “f” logo should be used in place of the Facebook logo (yes, you read that right. Never use the actual Facebook logo. It says it in their Brand Resource Center).
  • Hyperlink the “f” logo to Facebook’s log-in page.
  • Modify the “f” logo by changing its design or color.



Twitter Logo Don't"s::***

  • Manipulate the logo in any way.
  • Use another person or company’s screen shots or account without their permission.
  • Use the marks in a way that might imply a false sense of partnership or endorsement with your brand.
  • Create your own buttons or marks using the Twitter logo.

Not going into Details, but either those 2 Companies gave you the rights to use them, or your abusing the Common Laws by the Digital Millennium Copyright Affiliates " Lumen DMCA ", those following you to hire an attorney to face Copyrights Charges upto $250k in US Dollar Currency.*** if they are serious about it***


Just Saying "" do not Use others work without their approval and consent of the permissions ""





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