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I want to add to table if not exists else update but i dont know how to do it. I tried this.

function addItem(plr,cmd,accountname,itemname,friendlyname,amount,itemtype) 
    if plr and cmd and accountname and itemname and friendlyname and itemtype then 
        dbExec( con, "IF EXISTS(SELECT * FROM envanter WHERE accountname='?' AND itemname='?') THEN UPDATE envanter SET amount='1' WHERE accountname='?' AND itemname='?' ELSE INSERT INTO envanter (id,accountname,itemname,friendlyname,amount,itemtype) VALUES(NULL,'1','1','1','1','1'",accountname,itemname,accountname,itemname)       

Connection working

I did it for testing.

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If you have a unique primary key column assigned, you can perform a standard INSERT statement followed with ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE

INSERT INTO tablename (col1, col2, col3) 
VALUES(?, ?, ?) 
ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE col1 = VALUES(col1), col2 = VALUES(col2), col3 = VALUES(col3); //Remember that these are column names, nothing related to the values on this line. 

Source: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1263 ... ntax-error

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You can use "INSERT OR REPLACE". At least one column must be unique or primary key, or else it will just keep inserting.

Here is an example:

INSERT OR REPLACE INTO table (name, age) VALUES ("Test", 15) 

If the name column is unique and a row exists with "Test", and any other age, it will update the age to 15. If no row exists with "Test", it will insert one.

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You need to set both of the accountname and itemname to unique. It's simple really:

INSERT OR REPLACE INTO evanter (accountname, itemname, friendlyname, amount, itemtype) VALUES (ACCOUNTNAME, ITEMNAME, FRIENDLYNAME, AMOUNT, TYPE) 

Also, in your original code, this query string is wrong:

INSERT INTO envanter (id,accountname,itemname,friendlyname,amount,itemtype) VALUES(NULL,'1','1','1','1','1'",accountname,itemname,accountname,itemname)    

You selected 6 columns to insert a value for, yet you send 10 values.

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Then just use the simple way.

SELECT * FROM envanter WHERE accountname = ? AND itemname = ?

if #result >= 1 then

UPDATE envanter SET something = ?, something_else = ? WHERE accountname = ? AND itemname = ?


INSERT INTO envanter (something, something_else, accountname, itemname) VALUES(?, ?, ?, ?)


Change accordingly to what you actually need to insert/update.

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