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Hello folks ,

i was wondering why the graphics are different in these two images , well i'm trying to draw flags , but it has so low graphics unlike in the scoreboard

1. the flags i'm trying to draw : http://imgur.com/5RrhGWr

2. the flags in scoreboard: http://imgur.com/448MjL0

thats what i'm using

dxDrawImage ( dx.Flag, dx.normalpos + 1 - number[1] + (i*20), number[1] - 5,number[1] - 11 ,  flagPath) 


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oo yes you're right , thanks.

EDIT: well i did :

texture = dxCreateTexture( flagPath ) 
local flag_width, flag_height = dxGetMaterialSize( texture ) 
dxDrawImage ( dx.Flag, dx.normalpos + 1 - number[1] + (i*20), flag_width, flag_height ,  flagPath) 

its same as in scoreboard , and still same result , the flags are now a bit bigger but low resolution also..

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