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engineRestoreModel for object


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I make a gui and ı click button and enabled roads

but click again not disabled roads

replaceyol event is working but

replaceclient event not working


function replace() 
tekstura = engineLoadTXD("vgncarshade1.txd")  
engineImportTXD(tekstura, 3458 ) 
teksturac = engineLoadTXD("vgncarshade.txd")  
engineImportTXD(tekstura, 8838 ) 
teksturas = engineLoadTXD("vgshseing27.txd")  
engineImportTXD(tekstura, 8557 ) 
addEventHandler( "replaceyol",root,replace) 
function replacere() 
engineRestoreModel( 3458 ) 
engineRestoreModel( 8838 ) 
engineRestoreModel( 8557 ) 
addEventHandler( "replaceclient",root,replacere) 

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