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[SCRIPTER FOUND] MTA:DayZ Automatic Donation System


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Willing to script for money? (PHP and web skills must be needed)

Heres what i want. I will pay via PayPal. Donation site where people will buy stuff at will be at my website at http://www.solidgaming.net/donate.html (HTML site)


Online Automatic MTA:DayZ donation system.

Its simple, 3 options to buy and one payment method.



-Buy Donator Points (In-game points panel must be scripted, spent the points for DayZ items - i will give item list)

Select the points amount how much want to buy - I will tell how much example: 10 point for 1 euros. I will tell more about prices of this option.

-Buy Normal VIP (Panel etc no needed to script, only the functions that will add the buyer to acl group in-game)

-Buy Special VIP (Panel etc no needed to script, only the functions that will add the buyer to acl group in-game)


Payment methods:



You buy the Normal VIP/Special VIP and put in your account name in the website and you will be automatocly added to Normal VIP/Special VIP acl group in-game after you have confirmed the donation and money sent.


When you buy points, they will be added to your account. You can use points in-game by pressing F1 and opening a small simple spend points panel. There will be a scrollable list of items (DayZ) that you can buy with your Donator Points. (I will give item list)


Thats pretty much it. System must be full automatic (non hackable).

Willing to pay 30 to 50$ for this depending how fast you will make it :).


Contact me at Skype:



Also, merry Christmas to everyone! :wink:

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