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Run 2 servers, one for development and another for live.

I know this isn't the answer to the question you asked but just a suggestion, also if you only have one server you can change the ports and run 2 MTA Servers on one server.

But to answer your original question, yes it is possible but you will need to edit the Editor gamemode, and to be honest it seems like too much hassle than it's really worth.

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Hi kewiinn, it is possible but not exactly how you want it. You can press F6 and it will spawn your ped into the world, go to the admin panel and give yourself a vehicle. You are now driving a vehicle in your map while your friends are still mapping.

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To run 2 servers all you need to do is copy your server files to a new folder, change the ports that MTA uses in the server config and run them both. You can connect to the other server by connecting to YOURIP:YOURPORTS

If you want both servers to be exactly the same, you can create a job to copy the files from one server to another ignoring the config files so the ports aren't overwritten. Not elegant, but a solution.

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