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Hlsl Shader Problem


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Hi i have little big problem :D

I want to apply a bloom shader only on one texture. My idea was to render a screentexture on which only the wanted texture appears on(other textures are black). Then i blend it with the original screensource.But I dont get it :/How can I render a scene from the game with only one texture(other textures must be black).

I tried it but i can only render one scene on one frame. I mean i can only render the original scene or the wanted bloomtexture.The only option which i see is to render each one for one frame.But then i have only the half framerate :(

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Well. If you want to see the bloom effect outside the texture ventricles then there is not much to help.

You could apply a layered effect to the texture you want to 'have the bloom effect' - the 'current' should be applied to world texture instead drawn as an image. And shouldn't be rendered at every frame - just on any changes of the renderTarget.

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