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Problem with event


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Hi! I have code like this:

addEventHandler("onPlayerQuit", root, function() 
    local charInfo = getElementData(source, "charInfo") 
    if not charInfo then return end 
    local money = getPlayerMoney(source) 
    exports.rp_db:zapytanie("UPDATE rp_characters SET skin=? AND money=? WHERE UID=?", charInfo.skin, getPlayerMoney(source), charInfo.UID) 

And the money variable is 0... When I got $500 In Game... So, what's problem?

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Now the money variable is... Correct. I setPlayerMoney serverside, not clientside, like before.

But now i have other problem. The query to database:

2014-09-24 20:11:24.861: [script] SUCCESS: Affected rows:0 [Query:UPDATE `rp_characters` SET `skin`=0 AND `money`=0 WHERE `UID`=1] 

Is "success", but I don't see changes in phpmyadmin...

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