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Since compiling is only the action of transcripting a file to make it understandable in computer language (or, in this case, to simply avoid to see the source code, because it's a scripting language), there are de-compilers in the internet, built to do exactly the opposite process in order to get the source code out of a compiled file.

However, there are methods to avoid that. That page you passed has two for the MTA Lua scripting language, the second one only possible to be used in 1.3.4 or later releases of the MTA client (the mod). To put it simple: if you have downloaded the latest one recently from the main page, you shouldn't have a problem using any of those two options.

I can't provide much of an in-depth technical look, because I'm not into it yet. I hope my answer served you anyway.

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Anti decompile from what I know makes use of obfuscation kind of to confuse a decompiler.

Encrypt (only from 1.3.4).

The encryption that the compiler offers encrypts compiled lua byte code. That is then decoded by the server you run it on anything below 1.3.4 does not have the key stored in the files.

I hope that cleared everything up.

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