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Help Scripting !!


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I really want to learn to script, but I don't really understand what I do wrong and how to script, I understand how to fix scripts but I don't know how to script. I tried to make a simple spawn script but I failed to even make the GUI to work.


rootElement = getRootElement() 
function showMain() 
mainwindow = guiCreateWindow(236, 197, 405, 296, "", true) 
guiWindowSetSizable(mainwindow, false) 
hospital = guiCreateButton(18, 42, 117, 43, "Hospital", true, mainwindow) 
police = guiCreateButton(18, 104, 117, 43, "Police Department", true, mainwindow) 
cityhall = guiCreateButton(18, 168, 117, 43, "City Hall", true, mainwindow) 
ammunation = guiCreateButton(18, 234, 117, 43, "Ammunation", true, mainwindow) 
memo = guiCreateMemo(143, 43, 252, 234, "Welcome to Gangsta's Paradise Roleplay Server. Before you can start playing please select one of the positions you would like to spawn. Remember once you have spawned you cannot then come back to this window unless you die. So make a wise choice before you spawn.\n\n\n\n\nSpawn Script By Gangsta v1 ", true, mainwindow) 
guiMemoSetReadOnly(memo, true) 
addEventHandler("onClientPlayerJoin", rootElement, showMain) 


     <info author="Gangsta" type="script" description="Spawn" /> 
     <script src="spawn.lua" /> 

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