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MTA DayZ growing star!


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Hey You, Yes You!

I have good news for you! Still no place to play MTA-dayz or play on other servers?

Then i present a new server!!!


Server name: Lithuanian/European DayZ gidgaming.net server!

Server started at: 2014-03-15

Server works: 24/7

Player record: 36 people Online

Server with friendly admins you friends who are willing to share experiences, stories, and the total time on the server!

Server website: Almost done!

Server IP adress:

In the server is a good mappers team that tries to make as close as possible to a map of the world after the zombie invasion.

Each day, the server is updated continuously managed errors failures eliminated for updates!

The server constantly updates the main admin server files, and will never play the game boring and monotonous rotation! The rest of the team continues to maintain a server, playing fairly and kindly greets you on the server! The server attempts to expand the circle of decision bugs to sort out most of the default mod errors, mod new things, map new maps and everything so that the time spent on this server would be awesome every single minute! All are waiting, 24 HRs a day, 7 days a week on our server! Your best gift to us - the record number of players constant improvement. In answer to a good reputation, so waiting for the survival of fun, intelligence and agility requiring event!

On this server, you can also buy your own base, contributing to the life of the server - get vip and the opportunity to join the server team!

Also keep server players accepted ideas about the possible event, changes, improvements, we strive to be the best! Do not compete with other servers - this is a commercial matter. And if you're looking for a server that has been developed players for fun - this server is just for you!

We invite you to join!

More about:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/goneindarkness

Server questions to SKYPE: gidgaming.net


Short video of server event "Hunger Games":


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